fat albert strikes again

Seriously. I love the "Fat Albert" game at the fair. Here's how the game is played: there is a large "wheel-of-fortune" type wheel in the middle of the fair booth. The wheel is divided into tons of little pie shaped pieces that each a different color. At the outside part of the pie piece there is a small hole. The carnival man will spin the wheel and then put the mouse in the middle of the wheel. The mouse will run to the edge of the wheel (I'd run for my life from this particular carnie man too---or all carnie men for that matter) and jumps into a hole. If you were lucky enough to bet (minimum of $0.25) on the particular color of the pie-shaped slice that he jumped into, then you win A TOKEN! Yes folks, a REAL FAIR TOKEN. (ooooo, ahhhhhh)

Josh and I usually waste $5 in quarters in this game. Sometimes playing 6 or 7 pie pieces in a round. We have never won. Do I sound bitter? Well, I'm trying to. This year we introduced our friend Tera to the game. We let her borrow two quarters from us. AND SHE WON. What the heck?! She was so overwhelmed with the whole "fair" experience in general and I was so in shock that someone I knew won something that I actually let her walk away with a stuffed tiger. Really? What kind of friend lets a friend get a stuffed tiger/any other member of the animal kingdom from the fair?

But what is a bigger issue here is that my friend Amy came into work wearing this shirt:

First my fish died and now I don't have that shirt. I think I'm going to never go the fair again....until next year when I get fair-induced amnesia and go crazy for holding baby chicks, trying to win a goldfish, fat albert, bingo, roasted corn and funnel cakes.

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