oh anna!

sweet little anna

i'll give you a minute to recover.

Is she not the cutest thing EVER?! This is Anna; little sister to Daniel and daughter to my friends Elizabeth and John. And I love her.

Some of y'all know that I'm not exactly a "baby" person. I'm surrounded by girls that just go absolutely gaga over every newborn. Its as if their biological clocks went into overdrive as soon as they hit puberty. Y'all know the girls I'm talking about...the ones that have planned the first and middle names of all 3 of the children they haven't had yet, can't leave Target without checking out the cute baby clothes or want a baby as soon as their married (cough *Cat* cough cough.)

I'd never really had a personal connection with any babies until just over two years ago. I learned that Elizabeth and John were trying to adopt and that they were on a long waiting list to adopt from China. I watched them prepare their son Daniel for the arrival of a new baby sister. It was so cute to hear Daniel talk about "ladybug" (their name for Anna) and to see Elizabeth check out every single book on China from the local library. It seemed like the dates for Elizabeth and John's file to be reviewed was getting pushed back every time I asked. So I stopped asking Elizabeth about it and started telling everyone I knew to pray for Ladybug. It was so neat to hear about my home church praying for Ladybug and to have my family asking about her too. Everyone around me eagerly anticipated little Ladybug's arrival. Last December we got the call: Elizabeth and John were packing up for the two week trip to bring Anna home.

I remember the day that Elizabeth told us (via her blog from China) that Anna was finally their's....I was sitting at work, anxious about the birth of Travis (my friend Cat's son.) And then it hit me...when the heck did I become a 'baby' person?

I don't think that I've gone full baby-loving crazy...I'm not watching "a baby story" on TLC, volunteering at the church nursery or asking to hold every random baby. BUT, I cannot enough of this sweet sweet sweet little girl. Don't you just want to hug her?

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