crafty mama and her crafty friends

So, this wee little baby girl of mine is going to need some clothes or she's going to be hanging out in just a diaper. Which, don't get me wrong. a-la-loin-cloth may be tres chic to some----but its not really my style. Go figure. I have had several generous friends and family members pass on their children's oh-so-cute-just-out-grown-barely-used clothes for our wee babe and I am so very thankful!

Despite the efforts of our friends and family to cloth our babe, we were still very short on 0-3 months sizes. So I swiped (and by swiped I mearly nearly stole because I got them so dang cheap) some onesies from Walmart, grabbed my crafting gear and held my friends LeeLee and Chelsea hostage until they designed some cute clothes for my girl.

We layed out all our crafting materials to see what we had to choose from. Oh the sweet joys of iron on fabric glue!!!!

LeeLee and Chelsea were getting very creative. They even drew out a few designs:

Here are some of the finished products:

Thanks you ladies for making these oh-so-fabulous onesies for my little girl.....and thank you for still be my friends after I held you hostage for the crafting session :)


how do you spell love?

Well, at our house we spell it C-A-K-E. That's right, red velvet cake to be exact. Although, I must admit that I actually made a "pink" velvet cake since we ran out of red food coloring. Oops!

Josh's favorite cake is a "red velvet" cake that his Grandma makes. Now, I say "red velvet" because its actually an old fashioned pound cake that she puts red food coloring in AND ICES. Yes, you just read that correctly....a pound of butter, pound of sugar, pound of flour, pound of eggs.....AND throw some cream cheese icing on top. Yeah, so its not really a red velvet cake at all actually (please do NOT tell Grandma that I just said that!!!) This holiday I decided to jazz it up a little bit and make it a three layer cake instead of baking it in a bunt pan. This is how it turned out:

I felt like it still needed a little sass. Maybe a sweet conversation-heart type message? After about 2.4 seconds of brainstorming, I went with an old classic:

I still had some pink icing left over......so I had to add a few girly touches:

Tada, the finished product:

Josh was completely surprised when he came home from work and he didn't even mind that the "red velvet" cake was pink. At one point he mentioned that there sure was a lot of icing on the cake....but then I knew he was just talking crazy. Too much icing?! Has there ever been such a thing????


32 weeks and counting

For all my friends and family that are far away, here's a family shot of the three of us at 32 weeks.

Its so hard to think we'll be meeting our sweet little girl in eight weeks!

On the Jones family front: Josh's knee is rehabbing well, notice there's no knee-brace at all! Josh is still doing physical therapy twice a day and has been able to start using the trainer for his road bike. I'm hoping that he'll have some time on the road before the baby comes! I'm doing well too....still running (although not nearly as far or as fast!) and working. Josh and I perused REI this past weekend and I am IN LOVE with the new BOB stroller. I know that it'll be a while before I can run with our little girl in tow, but I can't wait!

Eight weeks sounds like so far.....and then when I think about all we need to do, organize and purchase it sounds like its right around the corner! We're slowly picking things out, crafting and arranging her sweet room----can't wait to show you some of our progress!



Dear -ish,
You are the three letters that instantly double my vocabularly. How else could I describe that the color of that sweater wasn't really blue, but more blue-ish in hue? Exactly. I'm so thankful for you today.


quick, set your DVR!

Go to your TV
Select to record tomorrow, ABC at 10pm.
Because Private Practice is gonna be on.
Ok. And why does that matter?

That's right friends, the news was just released on Dualtone's website. Dualtone is a multi-pronged entertainment and media animal. They film/tv placements in some of the hottest shows on the best networks, create branding and commercial spots for a laundry list of partners, and also manage to be a full service artist management organization (specializing in artist development, touring, strategic branding, digital and retail marketing, and fan management) while providing exclusive digital distribution for a select group of artists.

And who is one of those oh-so-talented-and-sought-after artists???
My brother-in-law Jon.

I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it! T-minus 36 hours until I hear him on the TV!


thanks BMW, I appreciate the shout-out!

My hometown of Spartanburg, SC is officially on the map. I especially love that southern drawl, and the shots of downtown Spartanburg and of my high school football team (go Vikings!)

Always thought I was a loyal Volkswagon fan....time to switch to a BMW?


don't you wish you had friends like these?!?!

My sweet, sweet friends Amy and Kay dropped off some not-so-subtle baby name suggestions and some oh-so-cute clothes for baby girl. I love having these girls excited about our babe-on-the-way. I am already thinking of all the mischief that she's going to get into with Auntie Kay and Auntie Amy ;)

Never one to begrudge a sale, I appreciate their thriftiness in their gift choices. I'm not worried at all that our daughter will be seven years old before she can wear the Thanksgiving shirt that Amy's holding----she'll be cool and vintage in her 2010 shirt, right?!

Thank your Kay and Amy, for being so sweet, loving my little girl and being so dang thrifty. I love y'all!


first race of 2011

So, its February. And I haven't run a race yet. Nor do I have any events on the horizon. Its starting to make me feel like 2011 is going to be the year of lazy!

I mean....I know I'm having a baby and everything. But I still want to have a race to look forward to. Ya know?

So I just found a race that will redeem on my post-birthing-a-baby-i-can't-workout-for-how-long madness. The race looks epic. No seriously. Its a 5k with an obstacle course. That's right, this hopefully-hot-by-then mama will not only be running a bit over 3 miles, but also balancing across wooden planks, diving into a blackout tent, navigating tangled webs in the woods, traversing a cargo net, stampeding through a scrapyard, rappelling down a ravine, trudging through waist deep water and over logs, hustling up layered straw bales, crossing over and under staggered logs, leaping over flames and scrambling over mud and under barbed wire to reach the finish line.

In addition......you get a race t-shirt, a warrior helmet and a finishers medal. Count me in!!

I can't wait!!!!!


they're fire and dynamite for sure

Just spent an amazing weekend up at Windy Gap. Josh was asked to speak, and it was such a privilege to watch him share the truth of Jesus with our high school friends from North and South Carolina.

We were joined by my new favorites Drew and Ellie Holcomb. They are two of the members of the band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.....and they're awesome. We already had some of their music and were giddy to pick up their latest album. Trust me, the most frugal of all, it doesn't disappoint! It makes me want to dance, cry, fall in love and then do it all over again.

I must say, I'm a sucker for the first track 'Fire and Dynamite'....maybe its the music, the feel, but for sure its the lyrics:
you are a novel in a sea of magazines
you make me nervous
you make my heart beat

Oh dear. Please go order your copy today: http://www.drewholcomb.com/

And for those of y'all in the Charlotte, NC area----be sure to check out the band when they stop by the Neighborhood Theater on March 5th!
Images by Freepik