ode to the camelbak

I love my new Better Bottle Camelbak. Its like a cross between a no-spill sippy cup/baby bottle/nalgene. I orded the 1L bottle off ebay. It was $5 cheaper than getting in a store, I didn't have to pay tax and it got delivered straight to my door. And the best news is that its BPA free. I don't really know what that means, but I know that everyone else does...so when it comes up in conversation I usually just end up knodding my head and trying to drink something so that I don't have to talk (since my mouth is full and all.)

The Big Bite Valve is a little hard to get used to. I'm sure that its Freudian or something, but it just seems to be weird to drink out of something that kind of resembles a baby bottle. Maybe its just me. No, on second thought, its not just me; its gotta be true. Its just weird.

They even came out with a 'holiday' series. I guess they can't say 'Christmas' series? They should get over it and call it a Christmas series. I mean seriously, how cool would it be if there was like a cartoon little baby Jesus on one of these bottles? I know I'd buy one. Heck, I'd probably buy 10. It would fit in well with Josh's Jesus action figure. (Yes he has one.)

So go ahead and tell the one you love that this is what your want for Christmas. It'll be the best Christmas yet (except for that one where Jesus was born.)

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