sweet tarheel blue!

UNC Tarheels on the cover of Sports Illustrated
featured: Tyler and Rashanda (Rashad's little sister!)

One of the things that I love the most about living in North Carolina, besides the bluegrass and bar-b-que, is the Tarheels. For all of you who aren't from this fine state, the term "Tarheels" refers to the men's basketball team at the University of North Carolina. It refers to Roy's boys and only to them. This year the boys are ranked #1 in the 2009 NCAA's men's basketball rankings (according to AP Top 25 and EPSN/USA Today Poll.) What a time to be a Tarheel fan!

I love Tarheel blue. I love the way is accentuates the seats in the Dean Dome, the sticker on my car and any outfit I wear. I love the uniforms...they have the Michael Jordan logo on the shorts and argyle down the sides of the jersey...can uniforms be any more stylish?

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite boys:

Wayne Ellington(#22). He's a 6'4" guard from Pennsylvania. I like him because he has an amazing 3pointer and because he's cute. He's a junior this year...I hope he stays to play next year!

Bobby Frasor (#4). He's a 6'3" guard from Illinois. I think the main reason that I like him is because he joined the team with Tyler Hansbrough and was always easy to spot on the court (because they were the only to white guys out there.)

Ty Lawson (#5). He's a 5"11" guard from Maryland. I love him because he looks like he's 40 years old. Seriously.

Deon Thompson (#21). He's a 6'8" forward from California. I like him because he tries to look like a rapper. Have you seen all his tattoos?

Tyler Hansbrough (#50). He's a 6'8" forward from Missouri. I like him because he too has problems keeping his contacts in. Also, because he kind of looks like an idiot sometimes.....like when he holds him mouth open all the time. What the heck?

Sorry for all the pictures today. But I had to do it! Be sure to watch the 'heels tonight as they take on the Kentucky Wildcats at 9pm.


sunday said...

wow wasn't really expecting this kind of post from you. interesting facts.

chelsea said...

love them!
you left off my personal favorite though (besides bobby), danny green! how can you forget him!? your comments on tyler and ty cracked me up.

p.s. you should see these boys in person all dressed up in blue suits. they walked into the football game the other weekend right in front of us and i nearly fainted.

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