walmart bingo

Ahhhhh, Walmart.....how much do I loathe thee?

Call me savvy, a penny-pincher or a financial whiz. But the actual truth is this: I shop at Walmart. Eeeeek! I can't believe I finally said it! Whew!

I like to purchase my produce and meats from our local farmers market or at least the grocery store. But, I do head over to Walmart for all my other household items: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. We have nearly 50 people in and out of our house all week, which can add up to a lot of materials. I would buy these products a the local grocery store too....but each item ends up being several dollars less at walmart which does end up saving us a lot of money. However, Josh doesn't like to shop at Walmart....for the same reason I don't like to: it sucks the life out of you. Seriously. There have been tests done on this. Trust me!

I don't know if its the fluorescent lights, the vast amounts of recirculated air or the women that beat their kids in the middle of the aisles. Who knows? But somehow I manage to lessen my lifespan by about 6 months everytime I shop at Walmart. But hey, anything to save a buck, right?

But all that life-draining stops now!!

I've got a little game for y'all to play next time you are at Walmart. It will certainly make the trip more enjoyable. Its called "Walmart Bingo". Standard Bingo rules apply. I'm betting I'll win the first round in no time----afterall, I'm the Walmart veteran in our family. May the best player win!!
Images by Freepik