talented friends

Its so nice to have talented friends! When I was younger, I think having talented friends would have made me feel inferior (ok, I'm SURE it would have!) But now, that I'm so much wiser and more mature, I love it----it somehow feels like I'm cooler by association.

I've introduced y'all to Cat before, but I didn't quite brag about her enough. Not only is she gorgeous, fashionable, smart and a great interior designer BUT she's a phenomenal photographer. Cat graduated with a degree in design, so she's got this really unique eye for photo composition. Cat created Peacock Photography earlier this year. She's based out of Austin, TX, but does a lot of shoots in San Antonio and just did a wedding in Houston (plus, she's available for travel!) I get more and more impressed with her work with every shoot she does. You better book now, Peacock Photography is all the rage!

click here to check out more (and book a session!) with Peacock Photography

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Baird said...

You can go ahead and tell Cat that she's booked for my engagment pictures, wedding pictures, and those of all my children. TBA on the dates of each and every one of those occasions. Thanks.

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