just call me aunt b

That's right folks. I'm an aunt now. Aunt B, just like off my most-disliked TV show series: The Andy Griffith Show.

Meet little my new niece, Stella Blue.

At some point, I think that Lauren and I will both have kids. And I think it would be kinda cool if we had them around the same time...its just that my sisters and I were close growing up and are still close now and I think it would be great for our kids to be close too. (Plus, since Lauren's a doctor, I want discounted healthcare for my kids....hey, don't judge me, I'm in ministry, ok?!)

Lauren is finishing up her residency and will start a fellowship soon. I don't know where kids fit into that picture. [And for all you YL leaders out there that are reading this blog, I am not insinuating that Josh and I are having kids soon.] So combine that with that fact that I don't know when we'll have kids either, I guess I'll have to start out by loving this sweet little girl.

There are two other pups still available in this litter and Lauren keeps trying to get me and Josh to buy one....because then the puppies would be family, get it? Josh and I are not really in the market for a new pet (remember the goldfish incident?) so I think we're going to pass on this one. Sorry Lauren!

happy little family :)


sunday said...

i covet that dog!!!! so cute and sweet.
YOU ARE HAVING KIDS!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!

Byerly said...

Look at that sweet puppy!! So cute!

Jon Black said...

An hour ago I cleaned up a trail of diarrhea going from the kennel to the rug to the floor to the porch and then finally the last squirt in the yard.


p.s. she's absolutely adorable and I love her anyway.

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