dropping off the kiddos

So today is my last day as fake-mom to Macey and Mattison. They survived. More importantly though, I survived. It wasn't really as bad as I thought it might be. No one got sick or lost any body parts (acutal fears of mine.) The kids will be returned to their parents in basically the same shape they started out in. So, yay! Success for me and Josh! But don't get crazy. I'm not trying to open up a daycare in my living room or anything.

The whole "parent" thing seems kind of difficult if you ask me. You have to like have food for them, wash their clothes, make sure they go to bed/wake up on time, drive them around town, entertain them...whew, that's a lot, right? A round of thunderous (and authentic) applause to all the mamas out there from a worn-out week-old fake-mom :)

Josh also deserves a big thank you for all the work that he did this past week with the kids. He's actually the one that did all the work (taking them to school, picking them up from practices, playing games with them.) It was more convenient for the kids if they stayed at their house, so Josh stayed with them over there while I held down the fort at our house. (Hey, I really like my bed---sue me!) All I really did the whole week was cook dinner a couple of times.

But I do have to end this post with a very funny story. Josh called me from Macey and Mattison's house at around 10pm last night. He was in the middle of telling me a story about what they had been doing when he started laughing really hard. When he finally got over his fit, he told me what had been so funny. He had found, in plain view on the table in the middle of the kitchen, a list of directions and instructions on three pages of legal paper! It turns kids do actually come with instructions...you just had to read them.

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sunday said...

mine sure did not come with directions!

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