lets get physical, physical

I've finished two weeks with my personal trainer (PT.) And its official: PT's kicking my butt.

PT has the following schedule set up for me:
Sunday: rest
Monday: interval cardio in the morning
Tuesday: whole body strength training and interval cardio after work
Wednesday: interval cardio in the morning
Thursday: whole body strength training and interval cardio after work
Friday: rest
Saturday: whole body strength training and interval cardio in the morning.

I'm hoping that this schedule combined with weight watchers will turn me into one hot non-mama. I'm trying to be realistic...I'm not expecting big loser-type results, but at the same time I'm really excited to see what I'll look like in 6 more weeks. Two weeks ago I took my starting measurements and weight and I even took a picture and then subsequently fainted from shock. After recovering, I committed to the mission: look hotttt by Christmas.

I've really enjoyed working with PT and would totally encourage anyone to get one. I feel like I actually know how to use the machines at our YMCA. I mean, I knew how to use the machines before (I'm not a total idiot) but PT has taught me how to maximize each machine and work out the most muscle groups per exercise. Its also really great to have someone to encourage you on those extra reps in the last set that seem so impossible to finish (where I would usually give up by counting: 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, i'm done!)

There are only two major downsides to getting a PT: 1) working out in the morning. Can I get a collective "booooooo" from the crowd? Who seriously wants to get up early and work out before work? If you just answered "yes" to that question then just know that we'll probably not every be very good friends. I've just recently managed to bring my "angry workout face" under control when PT broke the news to me that I had to do three morning workouts a week. I walked in the YMCA with the sleepy version of my "angry workout face" yesterday. The overly energetic desk clerk shouted "Not quite awake yet are we?!!" Then I turned around and scowled "No. Got a problem with it Richard Simmons?" Ok, I didn't really say that, but that's what I was thinking (and he could probably tell a little bit since I had my "angry workout face" on.) Problem 2) PTs use big words. I seriously have no idea what PT is saying half the time. Last week he told me about the muscle group that I was going to workout next and so I walked over to the leg press. He laughed (which is a serious break in character for him) and pointed to the arm machine. Oh well, it was about time he figured out that I failed biology.

So folks, let get physical, work it out and whip it (into shape). See you at the gym. I'll be the angry one on the treadmill.

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chelsea said...

how does our little saturday excursion fit into your sched? am i going to have to jog with you to asheville because from the looks of it you're supposed to be working out then, missy? did you explain to PT the importance of our plans?

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