hottest track for 2010

and this is why i love josh's family.
staring ryan, josh's cousin, who actually has a real job at duke.

and for those of you who needed to see his first video:



Starbucks, you are officially shunned. I stood by you when the local coffee shops protested, when you got automatic espresso machines and even when you got instant coffee. But no more. You are dead to me.

Why? Because on Saturday night, at approximately 9:45pm, when I requested a grande cup of the house decaf (such a reasonable request by the way) I was told by the barista that not only did you not have any brewed but that, "We don't brew decaf after 12noon." In what I can only describe as an out-of-body-coffee-deprived-rage I leaned over my husband (we were in the drive-through) and responded Amy-and-Seth-Weekend-Update-style, "Really? So you brew decaf in the morning and caffeinated in the evenings? Really? Cause that makes sense. Really." But, because the barista was just merely a fetus and couldn't comprehend my sarcasm or the wit of Saturday Night Live, he simply responded, "Yeahhhhh. You have to make a special request to brew a pot of decaf."

To which I yelled, with all the maturity of a 3rd grader, "Consider this my official request for a pot of decaf coffee!!!!!" while Josh pulled away from the call box.

my last cup of starbucks.


all dressed up and someplace to go!

Chelsea and I had a night on the town Saturday. We started at Zink for pre-show appetizers, saw The Nutcracker and finished with dessert at Mimosa Grill......and of course we've got the photo montage to share:

ok, so Zink is my new favorite place!
the atmosphere was fantastic and the decor was perfect

what else was perfect?
that would be our seats!!
we could see every freckle on Clara's sweet little face
(and we could giggle at how much better our seats were than the folks waaaaay behind us)

we tried to get a picture before the show started.....
but all you can really see is:
a) how much taller Chelsea is than me
b) how freakishly excited I am (didn't know I had bug-eyes like that!)
c) nothing much else because the flash wasn't that great.

We thought about getting dessert at the Ritz, but the menu was not that great.
What was great was the enormous gingerbread house on display. I tried to get Chelsea to eat a piece.

dessert at Mimosa Grill was delicious.
i got a chocolate-mint-raspberry something and Chelsea got pumpkin cheesecake.

Mimosa had these giant Christmas ornaments out front

ahhhhhhhhh The Nutcracker, how much we loved thee!!


vegan delights

Josh got a 'thank you' gift card for a speaking engagement. And like all gift cards that Josh gets, he felt the need to redeem it immediately. The only problem was which restaurant to choose:

Drumroll please..........
He chose Red Lobster, a vegan girl's dream
Josh went to Red Lobster one time as a kid, and in the past year almost every time we've passed a billboard with a RL ad on it he's sighed and recalled the fond memories of that visit. And now I know why.....the garlic cheese biscuits are amazing.

Nothing says tacky American quite like theme restaurants....and I love it. Give me a Rain Forest Cafe, Medieval Times (and now) Red Lobster any day. I felt like we were eating dinner in a boat.....there was even a little lobster on the glasses (please also note Josh is holding out his pinky finger)

So what did we get to eat? Josh went a little overboard: fire-roasted lobster tail, crab legs and shrimp scampi. I got house salad with steamed asparagus and broccoli. It was actually surprisingly easy (and tasty) to be a vegan at Red Lobster. Who would've thought?!?!


the argyle project: the gift that keeps on giving

Go to this website
Now do the following:

1. download (for free!)
2. turn up the volume
3. celebrate what this season is all about
4. spread the love

<a href="http://theargyleproject.bandcamp.com/track/o-come-o-come-emmanuel">O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by The Argyle Project</a>


new 'do, lots of 'tude

Just got a new hairdo. Cut and colored by Katie-the-Great at Salon Palazzo. Give her a call, she's the best!

ps, how cute is bryanna?
love her!


turkey trot 09

I ran our local Turkey Trot this year. It was fun....a great course, crisp morning and lots of friends. But the best part was all the random prize-winning categories: running stroller, dog/owner run, speed walking and costume.

The costume category was my favorite....mostly because I knew the winner would come from the Brown Family (you know, that family that dresses up every year for Thanksgiving?!?!)

that would be an indian, turkey, pilgrim and corn. classic thanksgiving staples.

the contest was looking pretty good....especially since the brown family represented 4 of the 7 contestants (one of which was just a guy in an afro):

and then out of nowhere, these guys broke the curve. and while they are super-cute, i guess no one had the heart to tell them that thanksgiving isn't really about roosters?

the brown family crosssing the finishline together. how cute are they?!?!


perfect card

I got this card from my sister. Its perfect!

Images by Freepik