ushering in spring

I'm longing for spring....for crisp and cheery weather, pale pink ranunculus in vintage vases, white linens with ruffles, Sunday bike rides and a beautiful baby girl. It doesn't matter that its still January, I'm going to start ushering in Spring (even if I have to bring her kicking-and-screaming.)

I'm going to ride in my car with the windows down (and the seat-warmer on), buy a pair or strappy sandals and spray lavender linen-refresher on anything that sits still long enough at my house.

But my favorite way to usher in Spring will be by attending the 4th Annual Runway for the Ballet on February 5th.

Chelsea and I have been working all fall with an amazing team to produce the first (and best, in my opinion) Spring 2011 fashion show to Charlotte, NC. The theme of the evening is "A Mid-winter Night's Dream" and will feature 36 amazing looks from Neiman Marcus and 3 pieces from the North Carolina Dance Theater's Innovative Works. Dean and Deluca is catering the event and I can't wait to taste some of their incredible goodies including: truffle macaroni and cheese; mediterranean chicken, fig and tomato skewers; petite lobster pot pies, five varieties of american-style sushi, pink champagne cupcakes, dark chocolate strawberries. What an incredible way to welcome Spring!

So stop by here and purchase your tickets. I can't wait to see you there, (watch you) sip some champagne and witness one of the most unique fashion shows of the season. Oh the fabulous-ness!


deck that hall

Do you have one of those awkwardly blank walls at your house? Well, at our house that wall is in the hallway between the living room and our bedroom. For the past five years its just sat there...all blank and intimidating...just daring us to just try and decorate the space.

Well, chalk it up to third trimester hormones or icy-road-induced-cabin-fever, but I managed to con Josh into attacking the bare wall with me.

Even though we've been in our house for five years, it still feels new....which I guess is why its hard for us to just nonchalantly place nailholes in our walls. So we got out the level, painters tape, proper hangers; if we were gonna do this we were gonna do it right!

We plotted out a nice rectangle on the wall and placed some of our favorite "art" inside. The rectangle helps keep the art wall contained, so that it doesn't look like its just floating down the wall (unless you're into that sort of look?) We've got professional and non-professional artwork, but hey--it doesn't matter as long as you love it, right?

step one: make sure the tape is level

step two: make sure all art is hung properly

step three: rip off the tape (this is the most fun part!)

step four: enjoy!!

my friend Hef just transformed her living room....check it out:



28 weeks and counting!

That's right folks, I'm 28 weeks into this pregnancy thing. Just had a check up and we're doing great! Our little girl is developing right on track and I passed the gestational diabetes test with flying colors. Its a huge relief to know that we're both healthy! Pregnancy so far has been pretty good. I've not been sick or had any of the pregnancy-horror-stories that some of my friends have unfortunately experienced. I feel so very blessed still be doing the mostly vegan thing and to still be pretty active as well.

We've got 12 weeks until this little girl arrives, so we're officially in the third trimester. Wow, that feels weird to say! Third trimester, as in yo-josh-and-blair-you-two-better-get-your-butts-in-gear-because-this-baby-is-coming-pretty-dagum-soon.

While we don't have any names picked out yet, we have accomplished one or two items on our to-do list. We're currently taking a birthing class through the hospital and we've set up the nursery a bit (huge shout-out to Elizabeth and John Schweppe for letting us borrow their crib, mattress, linens, bumpers, clothes, advice, patience!)

Here are a few pictures of the expectant couple:

Josh at 6 weeks post ACL surgery
we got special parking at the grocery store.
i might have to start shopping at ingles a bit more!


the bachelor

at the end of every season i swear i won't watch it again.
but then i do.
last night i watched the always-a-train-wreck-yet-i-just-can't-quite-look-away that is The Bachelor.
i watched, in horror, as brad gave a rose to vampire girl:

seriously brad? a girl that thinks she's a real vampire???
no really. like, she has vampire teeth. and talks about underground vampire clubs.
did i mention she thinks she's a vampire?
oh this season is gonna be good. real good.
Images by Freepik