days of yore

Do you remember the days of Napster? Ahhh, long gone are the days of naively illegally downloading music.

I remember my roommate Leigh, from sophomore year, downloading this song called "Brak-Never Trust A Monkey." She would play it while I was studying, talking on the phone, trying to do anything serious and we would both end up laughing so hard we almost cried. Like most things from college, I don't really think its that funny anymore----praise God I never did anything permanent back then!

But back to Brak.....Josh and I were talking about good 'ole Brak yesterday, so I decided to look him up. It turns out Brak is a cartoon! And quite a creepy little cartoon! Here's the clip of the cartoon (feel free to close your eyes and listen to it 'Napster style'):


MJ was epic

***I apologize to my general audience, Chelsea might be the only one that actually gets this post.***

Michael Jackson was epic....he had such a major impact on fashion, music and film. Personally, I think one of the greatest adaptations of MJ's music was the use of "The Way You Make Me Feel" during the last dance scene in Center Stage. I mean seriously....is there a girl out there age 24-26 that doesn't just have to dance when that part of the movie comes on?!

Needless to say, I can't listen to "They Way You Make Me Feel" without immediately following it with "If I Was The One" and "Canned Heat."


the big man turns 32

Josh turns 32 today. Can you believe it? What have I done to be old enough to be married to someone that's 32? Not that 32 is old or anything ('cause its not, really, I promise) it just feels like we're both still 21 and 26.

This last year has been so fun with Josh. Here are a few pictures to celebrate the man I love and some of our adventures since his last birthday!


the new fridge

We got our new fridge! And I love it. Its a big upgrade from our "scratch and dent" sale fridge that we got when we built our house four years ago.

There are two main things I love about our new fridge: the screen on the front (by the dispenser) and the "in-the-door" ice-maker (the ad says that it helps your freezer hold 8 extra frozen pizzas---a huge selling point for Josh!)

So what's the moral of the story folks? Make sure you keep up with your receipts and warranty info! Thank you Whirlpool for keeping your end of the bargain....and thanks for the new fridge!


new favorite

Taylor Swift is my new favorite. I've liked her sugary-sweet songs from the beginning, but now I've got to track her down and make her be my friend. Did you see her at the CMAs? Well, I didn't either, but I heard she was doing a "secret collaboration" with TPain---so I had to google it. Check it out:


new appliances

Yes, I've been watching what I eat.
No, this isn't what my fridge looks like because I've been on a diet.

This is what our fridge looks like when we go away for vacation and work and come home to find a broken fridge, a soaked floor (hardwood) and lots of spoiled food. And the best part is that this is the 2nd time this exact thing has happened (last time was when we were out in Colorado for three weeks. gross!)

Y'all would be so proud of me. I didn't yell, throw a fit or cuss. I just politely called the appliance store, then Whirlpool customer service, went through all that redtape....and BAM! We'll be getting a new and NICER fridge. Want to know why? Apparently, they want to make it up to us since we've been such loyal and kind customers. Our new fridge has such bells and whistles that I'm not sure if I'll even be able to operate the ice-maker. I'll post photos of our new baby as soon as she's here :)


little jogger that could

I'm not a runner. I'm a jogger. I'm a jogger that worries more about what music I'm listening to and what my hair looks like that I care about how fast I can run a mile.

That being said, I've been enjoying jogging/running up at Windy Gap the past couple of weeks. The entrance road is a 5.2 mile loop, so I can run just as far as I'd like. I haven't quite made it the whole 5.2 miles yet, but I'm regularly taking the 3 mile loop and sometimes venturing out to the 4 mile loop.

The first week at camp I ran the Sunset Stampede (Mission Hospital 5k) with my friends Wendy and Kelly. Last week I ran the Asheville Chamber of Commerce 5k.

I'm loving our YL time up at Windy Gap and jogging in the cool mountain morning weather, but I'm in serious need of some new songs. Anyone got any songs they've been loving lately?


view from my new office

Today I'm working from the front porch of Blue Ridge, my house (or the house where I'll be living for the next 2.5 weeks) at Windy Gap; a Young Life camp in Weaverville, NC.

I promise that I am actually working.....I mean, I do of course get distracted by the amazing view or by kids screaming down the zip-line, but I do get some work done. Really. A ton of it.

So pity me please....life is so hard when you have to work in such a beautiful place.


natural leader

One of the many things that I love about Josh is that he's a natural leader. People love Josh and people love to follow Josh.

For example, the other day, Josh and I were checking out some of our landscaping around the house (we were thinking about adding some new plants or bushes) when we noticed that we were getting a few comments from the peanut gallery:

See, we can't even hang out in our own yard without people/animals wanting to check in and see what Josh is up to.

Josh and the ducks had a difference of opinion on where to put the new plants....they tried to storm off in defiance, but of course they came running back.

Just another crazy day at our house.

Images by Freepik