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One of my FAVORITE new clothing websites is Shabby Apple. Now, I don't usually give away where I shop because I like to keep all the goodies totally to myself (I can be selfish if it helps me be stylish!) But I'm making this one exception, because its for a good cause: to help me win a fabulous new outfit. Seriously, what better cause is out there?!

Shabby Apple is giving away a whole outfit ensemble (she's calls them "vignettes") to the person with the best outfit. So here goes my efforts at being a stylist:

"Style Icon of 2008"
This outfit is for all those 20-something girls who grew up dreaming of dressing like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly. So if you managed to survive leg warmers, tie-dye or scrunches with your fashion sense still in tack: this is the dress for you!
It says:
I refuse to let my budget limit my style.
I am the one you want to borrow clothes from.
I am leaving my college t-shirts in the bottom drawer.
I will make my ex-boyfriend regret EVERYTHING.
I am going to stop traffic today, from three blocks away.
I will no longer be the "other" sister.
I am classic. A classic beauty that is.
I could host a makeover show, the Emmys and the best party of the year.
I am the girl you'll be talking about for the rest of the day.


1) included with this dress: hundreds of paparazzi, your face in a fashion magazine, Mr. Right, V.I.P. status, attitude and other envious qualities.

2) care for this dress: wear often, hang in a prominent spot in your closest or room as it will lift your spirits even when you are not wearing it, write your name on the label so your sister doesn't try to steal it and show your husband the price tag so he'll believe you when you swear that its not a $400 dress.

be sure to click here to check out the rest of the Shabby Apple line!!

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Bethany said...

Thanks for the comment on my vignette. Yours was awesome, too! I read all of them, and yours was definitely one that stood out to me. Who needs Shabby Apple anyway, right?

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