poppies, poppies everywhere

I got flower fever. Its a serious condition, trust me: its highly contagious...I think I caught it from my sister (she loves little flower accents.) I want to wear them on purses, scarves, jackets, shirts, in my hair....so, basically everywhere.

Here are some of the flowers that I've been loving lately (feel free to buy me some).

I love this little broach and I can think of about 27384 ways I would wear it. Click here to buy one for me.

I think this one is a little hippy-ish, but I still love it! Buy me one.

I even want to wear them in my hair. Aren't these clips the cutest?! Why thank you! I'd love one!

And, I do confess that I love this bracelet too. I love etsy!

I mean, really....how sweet it this? Get one!

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