new plans for personal records

My race is coming up this weekend and its got me thinking about what to expect. Will I have to crawl across the finish line? Will I set a personal record? Will I be able to smile for the cameras?

I LOVED my frist and second half-marathons. My first was in Charlotte, NC and was thrilling. My second was in Ridgecrest, NC and I set a personal record 2:05:48. But my last half marathon, Virginia Beach, was disappointing....I'd pulled a muscle in my back and was hurting the whole race. My time was so bad I'm not even mentioning it on here. I did manage to pull out a weak smile for the finish line cameras:

The race was equal parts humbling and exhausting, but I managed to finish. And I crossed the finish line with my newest running partner:

That's right friends.....I'm pregnant. 16 weeks pregnant to be exact. We found out just a few days before the VA Beach race. My doctor cleared me for the race, but had serious reservations about my marathon plans.

Fast forward 8 weeks to today: I'm feeling great! Other than being more tired than usual, I really haven't had any negative pregnancy symptoms. The marathon is off the table for this weekend, but I will be hauling my ever expanding waitline to the half-marathon instead. So, if you see a chubby girl huffing and puffing please cheer me on....or give me a ride back to the hotel.

I don't plan on a personal record for this race. I do plan to really enjoy this race. I'll slow down (most of which I can't help anyways) and enjoy the weather, scenery and people. I'll take pictures to remind our little babe of his/her second half-marathon that we've run together. And I'll hold hands with my husband in the city where we fell in love.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the medal from this weekend's race. Maybe I'll display it next to my numbers from the Virginia Beach race. I definitely saved that ticket.....I especially love the note under "medical history."


new favorite thing

I'm not exactly sure how Oprah got started on her whole "Favorite Things" list. Maybe its because she's wealthy, or famous, or because people just give her a whole bunch of things for her to pretend that she likes. Well, whatever the reason, I would like to introduce you to one of my new favorite things.

For the past three years I have been a huge fan of Chanel's Rose Sand lipgloss. It gives just the right amount of shine color. And it makes me feel like a movie star because I'm wearing $27 lipgloss; which, lets face it girls, is a bit ridiculous.

For my birthday this year (the big 28 for those of you keeping track) I was on the search for the perfect new, non-$27, lipgloss....which made Josh oh-so-excited. Yesterday I stumbled into Sephora, cursed myself for not spending more time there, and started the search for the perfect shade, gloss and staying power.

And then I found it:

I didn't really know much about Smashbox other than its where Lo Bosworth worked on The Hills. But I was floored when I checked out the fall collection. The colors for cheeks, eye and lip where fantastic. I wanted one in every color. I quickly tabulated my $9876987605 bill....and decided a single $18 lipgloss was more in my budget. But what color to choose? Did I want a sheer or a shimmer? The choices fashion puts upon us. Mercy!

As I held two $18 lipglosses in my hand, wondering if the manager might give me a free one since its my birthday, I saw it: The Smashbox Wish

The colors included in this discounted holiday package are insane. I love every single one and how they'll carry me through fall, winter and even into spring! Now, don't get all freaked out by the purply and gold looking small glosses.....they are super sheer and fully fabulous. Trust me. I'm a back-to-basics kind of girls when it comes to lip color, you definitely won't see be pulling a deep-red-fall-lip-look....because while that look is fantastic, it makes me look like a vampire (or something else that's really pale)

And, can we talk about the value please? I mean, y'all know how I love a deal. But come on! At $29 they are practically giving these away!

And if you aren't into lips, or you've already got a favorite lip-color you just can't part with, check out their other Holiday Wish Package looks: primer, eyes and pencils. Trust me, they are all gonna be fabulous!


the non-volunteered guest blogger: Chelsea

I'm mostly sorry that I use my friends and family (and sometimes random people I don't know) for inspiration for my blog posts. They really never know what I might say or write about them. I guess I should put out a formal memo: hey y'all, if you talk to me, email me, do anything in front of me I may/probably put it on my blog. (hey, taylor----does that cover me, legally?)

I just got this JOY of an email from my friend Chelsea.

Let me set the scene....Chelsea and I work near computers, pretty much all day. We send each other emails. Lots of emails actually. Sometimes they are heartfelt pleas, moaning about life, fabulous blogs or funny little quirks.
But today I got a real gem.
*you should also know that Liam, as referred to in her email, is her cat.

From: chelsea***@******.org
To: ptlblair@hotmail.com
Subject: Thanks, Mr. Shelby
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 10:56:55 -0400

So. Thanks to Phillip Shelby and his awesome novel-writing skills, I feel like 100% crap this morning. I’ve been reading his kick-ass book “Days of Drums” and it is so so good. Total government conspiracy. All these twists and quirks and I totally don’t have the ending figured (although I’m really hoping the main character lives to tell about it). I finally made myself go to sleep last night around 1:00am. The first thing I was aware of this morning when I woke up breathless and terrified from a nightmare about assassins chasing me was how much my head hurt. And yes, it still does. About to drink some tea and take some Advil. I love these kind of books, but I shouldn’t read them before I fall asleep.

P.S. My mom helped outrun the assassins last night. She was surprisingly calm, even though she asked me if taking Liam was necessary. (Um, YES.) When they showed up, however, she wasn’t there anymore. Some other guy was. And he told me to fight them with a big ceramic candle pillar I have and my mattress (cause that’s easy to maneuver). Unfortunately that wasn’t sufficient and one of them clocked me with a club in the head. That’s when I woke up. No wonder my head hurts.


And that, my dear friends, is the highlight of my day.


better than new

Josh and I have lived in our house for almost 5 years. And we've needed to refinish our hardwood floors for the last 4 years.

We built our house 5 years ago, so the floors are still new......but while Josh (and our friend Grant) busted their tails to do the best job possible finishing the floors, they've always needed more polyurethane.

From this distance, the floors actually look kind of good. But distance really enhances most beauty, don't you think? Up close you can see the water damage, scratches and dust bunnies large enough to scare away grown men.

We moved all the furniture out of our downstairs (along with the help of Brett and my girls from Bible study) and prepared for a three day sanding, polishing and buffing fest. Five days later they are still working on our floors. As with all things subcontractor related I'm trying to control my frustration (not working), focus on the positive (not happening) and enjoy the benefits of the situation (what are they exactly?).

Josh has certainly enjoyed the floor project and all its annoyances....you know why? Exhibit A:

he comes up with a reason to eat out for every meal.

We hope to be able to eat in our own home soon. Keep you fingers crossed that Derrick finishes today!!


fair weather

We wait for it all year long. Folks take out loans to attend. Its a vital part of the Roctober events at our house:

The Cleveland County Fair

Most folks go to the fair several times during the blessed week that its in town. Sadly, I was only able to make it last Wednesday night. We met up with some of our friends from Gardner-Webb to celebrate, ride some scarily built rides, cheer on the pig races and eat ourselves silly (roasted corn, elephant ears, turkey legs and fried oreos of course!)

Spencer and Josh
because nothing says The Fair (or Fred Flintstone) quite like a giant turkey leg

Amy and I at the pig races
yes, it was an actual pig race
yes, our hats say "Pigs go best with Texas Pete"
yes, the race was sponsored by Alston Bridges BBQ
only in Shelby, folks!


psssst, he vants to suck your bloooooood!

Chelsea and I went to the opening night of Dracula this past weekend. It was fantastic! I've loved each ballet we've attended, but this was something more. I'm not sure if it was the choreography (Mark Godden), the more serious nature of the ballet (as opposed to Cinderella) or having met a some of the dancers a few weeks ago. Regardless, I want to go back and take more friends---maybe even drag Josh along.

see, the vampires glowed just like in Twilight
just kidding. they didn't even wear fangs. (which was a little disappointing!)

One of the many reasons that I love Chelsea is that she's so dynamic. She can bum it with me and class it up for life in the city, giggle at a romantic comedy but loves the drama, can work a crowded room or spend the evening with a small group of friends. But last weekend she bested me........

yes. she brought vampire teeth to Dracula
here's a close-up....its real close

well, i did warn you that it was close.
guess i should have also mentioned unflattering too

Thank goodness for good friends, fall weather and vampire teeth.


from the bottom of his heart

Josh went to Colorado a few weeks ago to fly-fish with a friend. That friend, thankfully, was not me. I was hanging out in Norfolk, VA with my friend Allison. (FYI, exploring a new city and shopping beats fishing any day of the week.)

When Josh travels without me he usually brings home a little circe. You know, just a little gift to show me how he thought about me while we were apart. While Allison and I were in VA, I stopped and picked up some GUs and nutritionals for Josh to use on his long bike rides. I wanted to show him that not only was I thinking about him, but also wanted to encourage him in one of his favorite hobbies.

What did Josh bring back for me? Mexican Jumping Beans:

Because, you know, nothing says I-love-you-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart-and-am-thinking-of-you-often quite like freaky beans.


oh, the pain

This is my sister Lauren and her husband Jon. They are supercute, successful, talented and currently flying to Greece. ugggggggggh. I kind of hate them both right now.

Lauren and Jon in Cabo.
not pictured: me

Jon and Lauren in NYC.
again, not pictured: me

There seems to be a theme here......hmmmmm, Lauren and Jon going to super-sweet locations without their favorite tag-a-long. I mean, do they not know what they're missing?!?!? I'd like to argue that I'm adventurous, provide excellent conversation, always willing to dance, am great for witty banter, asking for discounts, getting the locals all riled up, am willing to pretend to be a guest at a nicer hotel that we're actually staying in and I'm always up for a dare.

Ok, so I don't speak any other languages (besides the international language of fashion, which seriously: what else is there) and may bring a little unwanted attention, but really guys---I'm the most fun travel accessory. promise :)

Images by Freepik