Thanksgiving...a minor holiday?

Good Monday Morning friends!!

I woke up this morning and went to work out at the un-Godly hour of 7am. But this isn't another rant about working out (I heard that collective sigh of relief by the way.) I've some here today to discuss minor holidays.

Almost as soon as my alarm went off (at 6:50am, 7am, 7:10am...) I started thinking about Thanksgiving. I'm officially in the mood for Thanksgiving. I don't think this has ever really happened to me before. So, like always, I'm analyzing everything.

1: How come there is no theme-music for Thanksgiving? If we had songs written specifically about Thanksgiving, what would they sound like? Where are the great songs about turkey, pumpkin pie, tryptophan or Black Friday?

2: Why is a cornucopia the only symbolic decoration used for Thanksgiving? Christmas gets trees, garland, poinsettias, mistletoe and wreaths! I sense a little favoritism amongst the decorating industry here!

3: Where are the Thanksgiving themed movies? Where's the Thanksgiving equivalent of Home Alone?

I mean really, we've got over 300,000,000 people living in the USA. We might not all want to celebrate or believe in holidays like Ramadan, Yom Kippur or Nordstrom's Anniversary, but it seems like the one thing that we should all have in common by being Americans is Thanksgiving. Seriously. Its not a minor holiday.

Any ideas for how I could decorate my house or spread Thanksgiving cheer? Email me.....I'll be eating some pecan pie and writing some Thanksgiving carols :)


chelsea said...

1. the song "over the river and through the woods", although commonly assumed to be a christmas song was actually written about thanksgiving. i also have a george winston album with a track titled "thanksgiving".
2. there are lots of other symbols for thanksgiving - turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkins and squash, indians, fall leaves.
3. i can't think of any thanksgiving movies, however, what other holiday gets a) macy's thanksgiving day parade (that's a lot of celebration) and b) like sixteen other parades and a dog show?
4. i always lump thanksgiving and christmas together, like thanksgiving is the beginning of the christmas season, SO technically christmas movies and music can apply to thanksgiving as well.
5. you know a holiday is major when it isn't even celebrated in other countries but people know about it. in france, happy thanksgiving is said "bonne fete d'action de graces!" and they don't even have thanksgiving!
6. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and THAT makes it major. :o)

sunday said...

Wow I guess Chelsea told you! j/k. That is right Thanksgiving sure does have the BIG parade. So without googling can you say the exact day of Nordstroms' anniversary? Also did you go to the Jcrew sidewalk sale? I was packed. I only went to the store, there was no way I was standing in that line.

chelsea said...

btw, there is also a new movie on the hallmark channel this saturday called "an old fashioned thanksgiving". an entire movie dedicated to thanksgiving. i'll bet it's JUST like home alone.

Amy said...
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