adventures in babysitting

let me introduce you to the two newest members of our family:


macey (13) and mattison (15)

Macey and Mattison's parents are headed down to the Cayman Islands and instead of asking us to come with us, they asked us to watch their kids. Nah...no way....not me...I'd much rather stay in Shelby than have to worry about tedious things like sunscreen, what kind of fruity drink I want or if I packed enough bathing suits.

Yes, you all should probably be slightly concerned for how this whole situation is going to turn out. Josh and I haven't exactly had any pets or indoor plants to practice on and we haven't babysat either. Well, not only do these folks have a pet AND indoor plants, they also have two kids to throw on the responsibility. On a good note, it seems that almost every mom's radar went off this week because we got tons of calls from mom's offering to help us pick up kids for school, from spots practices, have a kid over for dinner, etc. So we've got like 248 mom's to call for favors if we're in need, which I'm sure will happen at some point.

I had Women's Fellowship with my Young Life girls last night which lasted until around 10:30pm at our house, so Josh just spent the night with Macey and Mattison at their house. So I guess "us" babysitting officially starts tonight. I pray there are no frantic calls from friends, trips to the city in a station wagon, flat tires, scary tow-truck men, mafia deals or situations that require us to cling to the outside of a 50-story building. (Now that I think about it, watching 'Adventures in Babysitting' in 1987 was probably the reason I've never wanted to babysit.)

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on how things turn out and if everyone makes it to next Thursday afternoon in one piece....and if we had to use the grocery money their parents left for us to hire a second set of babysitters :)

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nicolefiehler said...

Blair...I just discovered your blog and it is hilarious! hope you guys are doing well!

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