things i loved about last week

I had a great time last week. It was the first time that Josh and I have woken up at our house on Christmas morning. Ever. As in, we've been married for six and a half years and always been at someone else's house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I must say that I quite enjoyed this year. It was so fun to be able to talk about what traditions we wanted for our (growing) family. What will we do? What will we eat? But above all, how will we make sure the day is focused on Jesus?

We woke up and had a delicious and healthy breakfast of coffee and cinnamon rolls. Then we sat together and prayed. We praised the Lord for His goodness, faithfulness, constant provision and mercy. We spoke of His blessing to us with our little girl we're expecting in April. We sat in awe of the gift of His Son, born over 2000 years ago. It was a good and rich time for us.

We did manage to open a few gifts, and it was quite a strange transition from the birth of Christ to tearing open wrapping paper. I'd love to hear how y'all manage this transition!

We packed up the car and headed to the Jones Farm in Hendersonville, NC where we were greeted with this:

I think its my first white Christmas ever!

I hope that y'all enjoyed a break from the everyday routine and were able to really tune into Christmas.

For a child has been born--for us!
the gift of a son--for us!
Isaiah 9:6


tis the season

Josh and I are both in the land of the living (and walking and working). Its been two weeks since his surgery and I'm not exactly sure where those 14 days went, but I'll do my best to summarize:

Day One post surgery:
I expected Josh to look like this:
Reality was a bit more like this:
oh the restorative powers of a little debbie cake!

Day Six post surgery:
Young Life conference at Windy Gap.
Yes, that was the time with all the snow and ice at camp.
Yes, we managed to navigate it without serious injury (praise the Lord!)

Day 10 post surgery:
I left Josh at home to head to Charlotte to see the Nutcracker with Chelsea and Allie. We go see it every year and it was really good to keep up the tradition. The girls managed to distract me from feeling guilty about leaving Josh at home!

Day 13 post surgery:
We had Josh's first appointment with Dr. Hoenig. After taking a look at Josh's newest xrays and removing stitches, Josh was cleared to walk without crutches and to increase his rehab.
First order of business: head to Charlotte to see Handel's Messiah at the Knight Theater:

So here we are.....six months pregnant, rehabing a torn ACL and focusing on the best time of the year. We are remembering all the Lord has done for us, is doing for us and will do for us. We are extra excited to celebrate Him this year!


the patient

Dear Friends and Family!
Sorry its been so long!! I've been so covered up between work, Windy Gap and Josh's surgery.
Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the patient.
Josh had his ACL surgery Wednesday morning in Spartanburg, SC. The surgery went smoothly and quickly. We were back to our house by the early afternoon. Josh has been recouping, recovering and rehabbing well. The surgery staff gave us several machines to help reduce the swelling and pain; they've been working great!
The future looks bright. Josh starts offical rehab tomorrow and will continue for the next three months. Hopefully we'll get him outside on a bike in early Spring.
Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes. We both feel very loved!
Images by Freepik