just call me the splenda fairy

I've got it in my sugar container by the coffee pot, my glove compartment in my car, the cellphone pocket of my purse and its spilling out of every pocket in every jacket I own....SPLENDA!

So I've got a serious sweet tooth (which is probably why I'm on weight watchers and finally got a personal trainer....) On the road to weight loss I've managed to cut out the serious no-no's such as icecream, cookies and cake. But I can't seriously be expected to cut out all sweets together. Seriously...that would be like world war 3, the end of the world or just a general attack from a crazy sugar-starved woman. Then entered my sugar salvation: Splenda!

I can now have my morning coffee, my evening cup of tea and caramalized sweet potatoes without wrecking my diet. Its the miracle ingredient!

But here's the only problem....Splenda is kind of expensive. Its seems like all the things we do to try to loose weight or keep the weight off can wreck our budgets. The ultimate dilemma: that fat wallet VS the fat booty.

Until now.

Most restaurants nowadays have splenda on the table (inbetween the blue packets and the pink packets). So sometimes (or most times) that I'm at one of these establishments I take a packet or two for the road. I only take what I deem to be my share per restaurant visit, but I do in fact like to take advantage of all the Splenda opportunities that I've been given.

So, the next time your dining out, grabbing a cup of coffee or just loitering around (ok, maybe not in that example) check out the sweeteners and see if there's enough Splenda for you to take a roadie. And remember folks: Splenda is what makes the world go round! (Well, that and Oprah, Maybelline mascara, the international date line and yodeling.) So go ahead and endulge that sweet tooth!!


R. Grant Land said...

To go with your Splenda and Sweet Potatoes, I recommend Smart Balance Fat Free Squeeze Margarine. Many a body builder has found fame and fortune through a base of Splenda!


Baird said...

Well... Now that I know you are such a Splenda addict, maybe I can mail you some. Junior and Senior year I got into the habit of picking up splenda packets whenever I ate somewhere to give to Amy. In college, I continued collecting and have been known to mail her envelopes of splenda. :)

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