run for it!

I'm not a runner. I'm a jogger. I'm a jogger who cares more about what hairstyle I'm wearing when I'm running than what my pace is.

Last spring I started jogging pretty regularly. I even jogged the Cooper River 10k with my friend Elizabeth. But it seemed that no matter how far I jogged, 1 mile or 6 miles, my pace was the same---around 12 or 12.5 minutes per mile.

A few weeks ago my friend Lindsay chellenged me to run/jog/complete a half-marathon with her in April. I've convinced some other friends to join in the insanity.....and now its time to start training!

I've been running....which actually looks very similar to my former jogging routine, just a little bit faster. And by little, I mean small. And by small I mean I hardly noticed a difference. I'd been pushing myself on the treadmill, but I wasn't really sure how that would translate into an actual race outside.

This past weekend I went to visit my friend Chelsea and participate in Concord's Santa Scramble; the 5k that kicks off NC's longest Christmas parade.

Just before the start of the race, Josh promised me new running gear if I broke 30 minutes (my previous best time was 32:30ish.) I don't really like to back down from a challenge....especially one with a prize involved! So I started the race and pushed myself pretty hard. Maybe a little too hard. My first mile was 9:30 and my second was 9 even. Who was this runner?! Josh took a picture of me around mile 1.75:

I finished the race in just under 30 minutes (29:56). That last mile was a doosie, but I managed to crawl across the line.......and win a new pair of Nike running capris from Josh!


asleep on the job

i went to the midnight showing of new moon with my young life girls last night
and got home at 3 am
and now i'm at work
yes, i know i'm going to be worthless today!


Shelby's Bizarre Foods

Josh and I were flipping channels last night when we scrolled across the Travel Channel. There was a show on called 'Bizarre Foods.' I somehow talked Josh into watching the show......which was fabulous because they were showcasing foods from all over Appalachia INCLUDING SHELBY, NC!

You can click here to see where and what all the host Andrew Zimmern ate.

Here's what he did in Shelby, NC:

Annual Livermush Festival
Andrew heads to the annual Livermush Festival. Livermush, made out of ground-up pig parts, was invented here.
Location: Shelby, North Carolina
Food Eaten:
* Fried Livermush Sandwich with mustard
* Fried Livermush sandwich with grape jelly

Here's what he had to say about Livermush (and our friend Ted, the Mayor!)
****I can't copy the video on here...........but click this link and then watch the Appalachia highlights 3 and 4

"In Shelby NC, I attended the Livermush Festival with Ted Alexander, the Mayor of Shelby as my dining companion. Freckle faced kids in the parade, bottles of locally brewed Sundrop on ice, fried wedges of livermush on white bread with grape jelly and mustard smeared on all over it. Amazing." -Andrew Zimmern


just another day at the office

i work for amaya glaze company. its a family business. i love working at a family business....there's always comeone to talk to, kids coming home from college, children running around. its like i get to be a part of this fun latin family.

this is my boss's wife. her name is marywinn. and i love her. and i love this hat.


back mountain delights

josh and i went up to the mountains on saturday. it was just too beautiful of a day to not get out an enjoy the day!

josh spent time with our friend sink. sink's getting married and had a bunch of guys go fishing for the weekend for a bachelor weekend. josh hung out with them for the day while i went shopping. i was sticking to my plan (both budgetary and diet) when i accidentally bought this delight:

it was delish!!!!


taylor on snl

i LOVED saturday night live this week.....taylor swift was hosting and was the musical guest. she totally rocked the show and now i love her even more.

she was funny, really funny actually and she didn't have to be crass (like the usual humor on snl) check out her monologue:

try and google the show, she had a really funny skit with penelope and her shakira impression was hilarious!


guarding the candy

I ran to the grocery store on Sunday morning. Literally. I threw on a backpack, ran to Ingles and ran home. I'm considering this a success for several reasons: a) i made it home alive, b) i had correct change and c) i only partially damaged Josh's chocolate-iced doughnut :)

While shopping for the necessities (tomatoes and english muffins) I was going to grab some trail mix (against my better weight-watchers judgement) when I realized that my mix of choice was under intense guard.

I did want the trailmix with the m&ms and the mini-marshmallows, but I wasn't about to take on a plastic dinosaur. I didn't want them that bad.

Images by Freepik