things to be thankful for

I had a fabulous Thanksgiving, thank you very much for asking.

The time up at the Jones Farm was so good. We ate a ton and played even more. This year we played Bocce Ball (in honor of the pilgrims, of course), Apples to Apples and Imagine If. Nope, no Farming Game this year! Yay!

And then we all took a post-lunch walk down to the Prestwood House.

While we were down at the Prestwood House, Brittany begged Isaac to let us ride "the Grizzley". Isaac eventually caved and let everyone take a spin. I think 4-wheelers are SO thankgiving-ish...I mean seriously, how do you think the Pilgrims all made it to dinner on time?

I'm sure you all enjoyed Laura's rendition of "Turkey Sat on a Barnyard Fence" from last week....so I HAD to update y'all with pictures from this year's Thanksgiving at their house. All the sisters dressed up again.

These are my two favorites: Amy on Plymouth Rock and then Amy (pilgrim) attacking Laura (turkey)

I think that Christmas has some serious competition for top-holiday status this year!!

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