shake it, girl!

I love this time of year, because my old Young Life girls (that are all grown up and away at college) are home! I love hanging out with them so much----they are soooooo funny.

One of my favorite things to do with the girls is Zumba at the YMCA. Zumba is a group cardio class...just picture Latin dancing, but withough a partner (or you do it like Amy, Kay and Kate and just do random dances in the corner.) I mean really....what could be more fun than shaking it, popping it and dropping it with your favorite girls?!

At Zumba, I was joined by Amy, Kate, Kay, Baird, Maria, Carolyn and Natalie. Our favorite instructor, Marissa, was there too. She loves these crazy girls almost as much as I do----she gave us all free Zumba tshirts! Does life get any better? I deduct it does not!

Here's a picture of us, in our brand new shirts with Marissa.....we're all doing poses from our favorite dance "Call Me". (This isn't really the name of the dance...we had to make up our own names because I can't remember the real ones.)

And here's a video of us doing some of our favorite dance moves from "Call Me":

**A special thanks goes out to Maria, who was kind enough to video this awesome dance on her new phone. Thanks girl!!!!

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Baird said...

Aaamazing! I hate I missed Monday. :( I vow to never get sick and miss zumba again.

okay, i can't promise that... but still. it was sad.

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