holler for a dollar

So the economy stinks. That's about as technical as you'll hear me talk about the subject.

Political Science major or not, all I really care about this season is how the economy effects my gift giving (ahem, and my gift receiving.) I've only bought two gifts off my list of things to purchase, because I've been so overwhelmed with what I have to buy and what little buying power I have these days. But have no fear! I'm hear to help your shopping woes.

Stylish and Fun....on the cheap

great gold clutch for only $10 at Old Navy

green bangle for $22 from Banana Republic

white and gold bangles for only $5 at Old Navy

great blue metalic scarf for a measly $5.50 from Forever21

how cool is this pinstripe fedora for only $10.80 from Forever21?

for the right person, these sassy shoes are just perfect. only $15 at ALDO

throw in some bright colors this winter with a flower purse from ALDO for just $19.98

how about a French-inspired tote for just $11.98 at Motholgy

i love these blue recycled milk glasses. a steal at $18 on Mothology

how great would it be to give these guest towels this year? $12.95 at Crate and Barrel


chelsea said...

you may stuff my stocking with all of these goodies, thank you. (except the fedora. i look like i'm trying waaaay to hard to be ashlee simpson in those.) to replace it, you may toss in an extra french tote. there. your christmas shopping is done.

Byerly said...

wow! thanks for all the great shopping tips:o)

Pashmina and Pearls said...

Hope you got my name!

sunday said...

you are so funny! i love all of these especially the french tote. keep these coming.

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