buying local and giving handmade

So its another post about my cheapness...i mean thrifty-ness.

I do actually love giving gifts over the holidays, but my wallet is keeping me from really splurging this year. So, I'm thinking a little outside the mall this year for some of my gift giving.

Here are some things I'm looking into and thought you all might be interested in also!

How about trying your hand at being crafty?! I'm going to try and make my own bath salts. I had a small herb garden this summer...and the lavender was about all that survived. As fall approached, I cut and dried the remaining lavender from the barren garden. A few weeks later I read about making your own bath salts on Martha Stewart.com. Its basically just kosher salt with the herb of your choice (lavender) tossed inside. Check out the details here.

How about giving a gift that can make a double impact: the money goes towards helping others and your friend gets a great gift

Salvation army furniture. Its takes some time and a few coats of paint, but everyone loves a new piece of furniture. I bought a great piece for my sister this year for only $13. I spent a weekend sanding, painting and polishing and now it looks like a great fit for their new home in Birmingham. Not to mention, the money I spent at the Salvation Army thrift store goes directly to the work the SA church is doing! (Check out my first piece I did over on Chelsea's blog)

Fair Trade Coffee. So, if refinishing furniture sounds like a little too much work, how about sitting down and sharing a pot of coffee? I love our local coffee shop, Broad River Coffee Company. Not only is Seth (the owner) a really great guy, but he is deeply invested in the lives of the coffee growers he purchases from. Seth offers the independent farmers a fair price for their beans. It allows the families to continue farming on their own land and have their own small business... which is certainly a rarity in places like Costa Rice and Ethiopia! He has a great collection of shade-grown organic fair trade beans. Personally, I love the organic Ethiopian and Mexican Sunrise. Right now he's having a sale on beans----so buy a pound today. Your family will love the brew and your fair trade-consciousness.

Another great idea is buying local: it'll give your gift a little eclectic flare and keep struggling small businesses afloat.

My choice this year is the Owl's Eye Vineyard. Owl's Eye is owned by a doctor here in town....and its right across the street for my neighborhood! My family has loved touring the property, wine-tasting and the amazing views. The wine is around $15 a bottle, and they have a variety of red and white wines available. If you're not sure what to purchase ask Sean, the Winemaster at Owl's Eye. He's incredibly knowledgeable and friendly!

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