i heart television

Its ok to say you like TV. I think some people like to pretend that not liking TV is cool. I picture them all sitting around and having wonderful conversation and reading interesting books...you know, in a pre-cable/1950s kind of way. BUT, most of the people that I know that have this "I'm-too-cool-for-you-because-I don't-own/watch-television" are actually kind of boring and don't really have much to add the types of conversation that I want to have.

So there. I like TV and I'm not too cool to pretend like I don't.

(Plus, I think I'm pretty well-rounded....I'm ok a sports, play a a musicial instrument or two, liked school work and have a wide-range of friends, which also makes it ok for me to like TV.)

So, I'm so so so so pumped that both Lost (1/21)and 24 (1/11)are coming back in Januray. Yay!

In case you forgot (how could you?!?!) click for Season Finale, and Episode, recaps for Lost and 24.

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