Flannel Wonderfulness!

I am IN LOVE with these new sheets!

I'm frugal, thrifty and cheap which means our house in the winter is cold, chilly and unbearable.

The first thing I do when I climb into bed each night is crawl into the fetal position...I'm not kidding. I think its this instinct we have for being cold; something about pulling your extremities into your core so that your body spends less energy heating itself or something. But enough with the science already----its just plain cold at our house and really cold in our bedroom.

We don't have a ton of extra money right now, since my paycheck relies on profit sharing (and there is no profit to be shared right now.) BUT, I told Josh that we had to get some flannel sheets or I was moving to Florida, Texas or one of those places where Santa goes to thaw out. And on Monday they came in the mail.....these glorious flannel sheets.

I washed and dried them (with two extra dryer sheets, for good measure of course!) And when I got into bed Monday night, I simply could not believe it. My.bed.was.warm.

I think the leaf pattern was a bit much for Josh, but at $25 he wasn't complaining. That's right: 25 measly dollars!

So, Monday night was the first night that we used the sheets. The unbelievable sleep that ensued was my excuse for being 30 minutes late to work on Tuesday morning. Instead of waking up at 7:45am like my alarm told me to, Josh literally pulled me out of bed at 8:50am.

Go right now and buy yourself some of these amazing sheets. But buyer beware: you'll get the deepest sleep, worst bedhead and possibly loose your job...but hey, its totally worth it!

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