weekend update

What a weekend we had!

Josh and I met up with our friends Chelsea and Grant for the best burger I've ever eaten (aka: dinner) on Friday night at Big Daddy's Burger Bar. I know, its a horrible name, right?! Well, despite the ridiculous name, Big Daddy's has the best veggie burger around. Its freshly pattied and topped with Monterrey jack cheese, avocado and a chipotle sauce. I know its not a healthy burger, since it tasted so good, but it was nice to eat a vegetarian meal that wasn't so bland :) I debated doing an entire blog entry on this burger, because its just that good....but I decided not too, since the burger is just too good for words.

After burgers, we headed downtown to go ice-skating. That's right, Charlotte has an outdoor ice rink. So what if its only the size of my living room? At least we've got one!

The Holiday on Ice skating rink was quite the hit with me and Chelsea. I'm not sure how much fun Josh had, but that's really not the point now is it? We paid $10 to skate around this dinner plate-sized rink, and boy was it worth it! I am now officially in the holiday spirit!
I took my camera with me (as I do everywhere) to document the fabulous burger and our adventures on the rink. Sadly, I was too excited about eating my burger to remember to take a picture. (Don't worry, I'll be sure to visit again soon and take a picture for you guys.) And my camera died almost as soon as we got onto the skating rink. I was able to get these two great shots though:

This one looks like Josh and Chelsea are on a date.....hmmmmm

Chelsea, the little ballerina on ice :)

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Byerly said...

Blair - we were in Charlotte this weekend visiting my sister. On, Sat. we went uptown to watch the UNC game. Anyway, we passed that place Big Daddy's, and we all laughed at the name! I'll have to tell my sis, that they have great burgers! Too funny!

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