courtside, baby!

That's right....I spent Saturday night courstide with Lebron James and Ben Wallace of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Sean May and Raymond Felton of the Charlotte Bobcats!

A friend of mine that lives in Charlotte had a couple of tickets for Saturday's game that he wasn't able to give away. (I guess the Bobcats aren't exactly the hot ticket in town!) Josh and I quickly begged for the tickets....and we got 'em. I guess that shows what a little groveling will get you these days!

Our seats were amazing!!! Check out the view that we had:
I mean seriously?!?!?!

Not only did we happen to see the famous basketball players up close....but we were 4 seats away from Julius Peppers and about 20 seats away from Nia Long! I'm telling you---the Time Warner arena was the place to be!

I've mentioned before how much I love UNC basketball....so it goes without saying that I was cheering pretty hard for Felton and May. I really really wanted these guys to play well on Saturday. They played a ton--pretty much the whole game....and I guess they played ok....but seriously, what do really expect when you put them both up to gaurd Lebron James?!

The main attraction of the night by far was Lebron. Everyone was trying to get his picture....some people were even sneaking almost all the way down to the court!

Here are two pictures of Lebron that I absolutely LOVE:

I think that I love these because this is kind of how I like to think of Lebron....that he can laugh and still remember that basketball really is just a game.

So, until next time....this is Blair, signing off----from courtside, that is.


Byerly said...

Oh Corbin will be so jealous. He's not a huge NBA fan...but, he really likes that Lebron. And, of course, he loves all things UNC:o) What amazing seats!

chelsea said...

seriously, i could cry right now.
where in the world did shelby get these tickets?!?

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