i hear jingle bells!

I love the Christmas season! I love the decorations, chill in the air, the parties....and of course the presents.

There are several things I like to do each year to properly prepare for the holiday season.

#1 Attend The Messiah and start the season out right! Its playing in Charlotte on the 17th...anyone want to go with me?

#2 Get a classy picture with my family...or of someone else's family to make fun of on my blog. (Sorry Amaya's....I love you guys!)

#3 Buy a sassy sweater to celebrate the season in style.

#4 Listen to the classic Christmas tunes.

Any other suggestions for celebrating this season?

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sunday said...

So a few thing
1. My friend is one of your blog stalkers and she saw the "Sunday is pregnant" post and was about to flip out. Thanks for that.
2. Josh's cousin looks just like him
3. You and josh need to come to our Christmas party
4. I might have an old Christmas card of yours. Which picture are you looking for?

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