on a day like today

Hey friends! Sorry I've been a little mia the past couple days. I had a Young Life meeting at Windy Gap on Wednesday (with no computer to blog) and I got some stomach bug while I was there (which meant no blogging on Thursday.) But I'm back and ready for action.

Today is foggy, muggy and slightly misty outside. I can't believe it December in the Carolinas and that its nearly 70 degrees outside. I'm going to blame the warm weather front on why I haven't bought all my Christmas gifts yet. I mean seriously, its practically impossible to buy Christmas presents when it feels like the 4th of July is just around the corner.

So in an effort to feel better on this winter-but-really-feels-like-a-crappy-summer-day, I reccomend putting on this baby:

Ahhh, a little touch of Chanel lipgloss in Wild Rose is just the thing to salvage a day like today. It makes any day instantly better and brighter. Put on a little bit of this gloss and be prepared to get a raise, date or new best friend; this gloss is just that good. And at $26 a tube, it should be!

I do have to thank my sister Lauren for introducing me to this lovely lipgloss. I bought my first tube a little over a year ago with her at Sacs.

Order one today at Nordtrom.

I can't help but mention it.....I hope some of y'all caught Tyler Hansbrough breaking Phil Ford's record at the Dean Dome last night....but in case you didn't, here's the shot:

Click here to watch the Tribute to Tyler.....its so good!

By the way, I'm famous. I've been posted on Big Mama's blog....the post is about insanely bad Christmas sweaters, but I'll take what I can get! Check it out!


sunday said...

you need to try chanel's mascara. outstanding!

Trevar Simmons said...

Next time I'm feeling down, I'll remember your lip gloss cure.

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