oh, the holidays

This year's holiday season was pretty peaceful for both me and Josh. We usually are rushing around to my mom, my dad and josh's dad's houses on Christmas day. But, this year we spent some time with my family before Christmas and spent all of Christmas with Josh's family up at the farm. It.was.so.relaxing. Sorry for the lack of blogging last week---I know y'all were so looking forward to hearing from me, but I was either too busy napping of playing on the farm to get back to the 'old blog. But don't you worry: I.am.back.

The best part of Christmas (besides the Jesus stuff) is that I get to spend time with my sisters, Lauren and Taylor. I love love love my sisters. This year we only got to hang out on Monday night at my dad's and Tuesday night at my mom's, but we really made the most of it. We got to play with Stella Blue (the new pup), open presents, play rock band and go out on the town (if that's actually possible in Spartanburg, SC!) I do wish I could have spent more time with them, but I guess that's just what happens when you grow up. Oh well.

I do love Josh's family as well. His cousins are like his brothers and sisters, so every holiday is so so so fun. We all sit at one long table at his Grandma's house---but don't worry, there's still a "kid's table" in there. Don't you love how Josh and I are holding down the kid's end?!

We had lots of great conversation, ate a lot, opend gifts and played tons of fun games (some of which I have to double-check with Josh and see if I'm allowed to post on here----I'll get on that ASAP because it was hillarious.)

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and family this past Christmas :)

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