Jesus Peeps

This is an email that I got from my friend Elizabeth. She is married to our friend John and they have two kids: Daniel (5) and Anna (1). This email is soooo funny, I just had to share:

We just had a conversation with Daniel and Christmas is not all about trees and Santa and presents, as a friend of his at school today tried to convince him. Though peppermint ice cream and decorations are fun, we are celebrating Jesus' birth and what it means for us!

He then opened up the topic of, "Why do I have to open my Nativity Story Advent calendar before my Lego Advent calendar????...I really want the robber mini-figure!!!"

[I said] "Well, dear, we want to put Jesus first. He is more important than Legos. blah, blah blah..." We are really trying here!!!

After mulling over what John and I were saying, Daniel then exclaimed, "I sure would like to eat some Jesus Peeps sometime!" Thank you for laughing.

On a side note...John then wondered if there really is a Jesus Peep out in the world somewhere and low and behold, I found a Jesus made of 494 Easter Chick Peeps. Oh yes.

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