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I found myself yesterday adding more and more to that blog post.....then I decided that the events from Saturday night were worthy of 2 posts. So here ya go:

After Josh and I left our free courtside seats, Josh announced that he had a little room left for Krispy Kreme. So, after taking 28938 pictures of me standing on the on the Bobcats court, we left the arena and headed for Gastonia's Krispy Kreme.

I dropped Josh off to grab some last minute grocery items for his cheese ball (long story) and I headed to pick up his doughnuts. I say "his" doughnuts, because I'm on a diet, remember?! So I walk into Krispy Kreme and the guy at the counter is smitten with the girl ordering. He's leaning on the counter, asking her all kinds of questions, smiling and then gave her two doughnuts and coffee for free! Awww, young love....or young girl just trying to get a free doughnut, I'm not really sure. Anyways, so I waltz up to the counter and order two decaf coffees and three doughnuts. The total was just over $3. The same smitten guy hands me my two coffees and doughnuts. He then winks at me and says its on the house. I probably would've cared more about the wink if I hadn't been so caught up in the "its on the house" phrase.....did he forget that I paid $3?

I head out to the car and pick Josh up at the grocery store. He jumps in the car and tears into the doughnut box.....and this is what we find:

(Ok...that's close to what we found....Josh ate one of the doughnuts before I could take a picture.)

So that's what the guy meant when he said "on the house." I checked my receipt and he only charged me for the coffees. Josh thought he was in heaven....free courtside seats and free doughnuts?!

On a similar note, Josh and I went on a date last night to check out the new Italian restaurant in town Gondala's(aka, another place for Josh to check out pizza.) We ordered a greek pizza to share----it was sooooooo good. What was even better was the fact that someone else paid our bill! That's right....we asked the waiter for the check and he said "Don't worry, another couple already paid for your bill. They said they wanted to treat y'all."
Seriously?!?!?! I never win anything.....and in the past couple of days I've gotten free courtside seats, free doughnuts and free dinner!!! I wonder what luck I'll have today?!

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