shout-outs and dedications

I'm feeling the love this week...and I've got to talk about it.

I've been blessed with a lot of dear friends over the years, but there's one in particular that I'd like to hollar at right about now: Heather My-Pint-Sized-Bundle-O-Crazy Turner.

As most of you know, I'm pretty cheap and will go to extraordinary efforts for a deal....but I've never actually roped in any of my unassuming friends for extra discounts...until now. (OK so maybe I have, but they've almost all forgiven me by now.) We had a music festival in town this weekend that featured some awesome folk and bluegrass bands, including my new favorite IIIrd Thyme Out. Well, I found out that if I worked a 3-hour shift selling tickets on Saturday, that I would get in free to the rest of the shows that day. So when I heard about the deal I signed up...and then roped in Hef for the deal. Hef worked with me for 3 freezing-cold hours with wet hair (her own fault) just so I could be cheap and get free tickets for myself and Josh.

Does life GET any better? I deduct it cannot!


Peacock Photography said...
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Peacock Photography said...

did I hear some Brian Regan in there?

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