itty bitty baby bosten

This is my friend Sharon and her new baby boy Bosten. His full name is Bosten Manning Clark. And.I.Love.Him.

Sharon is actually too cool to be my friend. She loves the Lord like crazy, has the cutest family, owns the most amazing photography company, has awesome fashion sense and her house looks just like Anthrolpologie. She kind of has to be my friend since our husbands are good friends. But I'm soooo ok with that...because I'm automatically cooler by association.

I got a text from Sharon around 1am on Wednesday that she had gone to the hospital and everything was going smoothly. Then I had all sorts of crazy baby dreams. In one of them, the baby accidently popped out of Sharon's bellybutton and did a tapdance routine on her belly. In another one, the baby came out (from the normal location) and started waving and shaking hands with everyone like he was a politician or something. So all I can conclude from these dreams is that: A) I obviously didn't pay any attention to biology in high school and B) There have been way too many political ads on tv.

Here are some more pictures of my sweet friend and her beautiful little boy:

I have several thoughts about these pictures:
1. I think Bosten looks just like a burrito from Moe's. Why does the swaddling pattern look so much like that?
2. Ryan cut my head off in the picture. Not cool. I know you're like all about your baby and stuff right now, but seriously...we all know you're a photographer too.
3. The Chandler smile strikes again! Remember on 'Friends' when Monica and Chandler get engaged and they go to get their picture taken and Chandler keeps making the most awkward smiles? Yep, that's what we have a case of here in photo #2.


sunday said...

a little baby burrito suits you and josh just fine!

chelsea said...

haha! i LOVE that episode!
and p.s. you probably should get a baby soon. your eggs are getting cold lady (jk).

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