My Man Josh

Other titles I considered for this post:
"my husband is hotter than your husband"
"my husband could be a model"
"my husband could be an SNL writer"

I think that most women who blog either have a baby or a business. I have neither. (I bet that's a relief to all of you who were concerned about my lack of fish-rearing skills.) We are Jones party of 2. So let me introduce you to my husband Josh. Josh is a smokin' hot, flyfishing, roadbike riding, snowboarding, Christ-following, earth-loving, North Carolina man of a man. Sorry ladies, he's off the market. (He does however have a single cousin....)

Here are some fun pictures of Josh:

This is Josh playing with sparklers at the beach. He kept running around the beach singing the chorus of "Ring of Fire"

This is Josh before our first triathlon. His number was actually 195 (mine was 171, not that I'm bragging or anything)

Josh playing soccer on the beach in Mexico with the locals. The other guys standing on the side are pretty upset because they didn't get included to play. But what can I say? My husband's a balla (according to Kate the term "balla" can be used in regards to anyone who excels in any part of life...kind of vague, yet so appropriate.)

This is Josh before the Mt Marion bike race. He rode 72 miles in record heat and humidity up a mountain. Could he BE any studlier? (said in a voice like Chandler from 'Friends')

This is Josh performing "The Yodler" at the Young Life All-Staff Conference. Yes, he does this kind of stuff for his job.

Josh and me on opening day of dove season. Josh is a card-carrying member of both the NRA and the NAACP.

Josh and me on a trip to visit our friends in Austin. He'll even pose for pictures in front of things like capitol buildings. How much does he love me?!

Josh and me in Mexico. He took a break from singing "OOOOOO Mexico" and "2 Pina Coladas" to take this picture.

Josh and me in our 2007 Christmas Card. How excited were you when you got this in the mail? Betcha can't wait until this year...huh?

I love you Josh, you're the best!


Jon Black said...

where's Sarah Palin in your gun picture???

chelsea said...

uh oh. i don't have a baby, boyfriend OR a business(or even a job for that matter). my blog must be the most boring thing EVER.

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