is there a doctor black in the house?!

No. There isn't. We've given her the day off for her birthday. No seriously, Lauren....that's what the hospital told me when I called. Congrats on working the system!

Let me introduce you to my OLDer sister Lauren (and her husband Jon.)

Lauren turned 28 on Sunday. Can I say that on the internet? So, in her honor I'm going to post my top 28 Things That I Love About Lauren list:

1. She too goes by her middle name. All those days when I'd sit one the first day of class not paying attention as the new teacher asked if Jennifer was present at least I knew that Katherine was dealing with the same issues.
2. She wanted to wear matching pajamas and sleep in the same bed on Christmas Eve until we graduated from college (and I got married.)
3. She argued my mom for the privilege to use a crimper when we were in elementary school.
4. She always had the coolest closet to steal clothes from in high school and college (and now!)
5. She had a splatter-paint t-shirt birthday party in elementary school (yes, I just went there, haha)
6. She only made one B in College. Me too, although the rest of my grades were C's, her's were A's.
7. She teaches me how to love and support my husband better.
8. She actually saves people for a living. Its like she's a cross between Wonder Woman and Shera.
9. She taught me how to perfectly cook Belgian waffle at the Schilletter Cafeteria at Clemson.
10. She told me that Santa wasn't real so that I wouldn't look stupid arguing with my friends that he was.
11. She's pretty. She's that kind of annoying pretty...you know what I mean, when someone has just finished working out or has just woken up and still manages to look better than you when you just spent 20 minutes on your makeup?
12. She visited me in Australia when I was away in high school.
13. She did my first ever Beth Moore Bible study with me.
14. She gave me the most awesome apartment at Clemson to live in. Sorry that girl burned it down.
15. She got me into Tri Delta. I don't know if I would have met Val or Cat if you hadn't gotten me in!
16. She's good to her friends. One even named her daughter after Lauren!
17. She's committed to the Lord. I can't believe that I waited until number 17 to say that!!!!
18. She has GREAT decorating taste. Seriously. Let her stage your house.
19. She's one of the best things that Birmingham has to offer.
20. She drives a stick-shift car. Isn't that so cool?
21. She asks me for advice. Not that she needs it or that she necessarily believes what I say, but isn't it nice to be asked what you think?
22. She helped me get through my parent's separation and divorce and crazy life now.
23. She supports my mariage.
24. She somehow talked our parents into getting us a guinnea pig (Squeaky) when we were little.
25. She taught me about good skin care.
26. She lives a life worthy of emulating.
27. She manages being a doctor, wife, friend, neighbor, sister, Christian, style-icon and makes is look easy (to be honest, this is also one of the things that I hate about her, hahaha!)
28. She's my big sister.

So cheers to you big sis. May you celebrate big this day and may this year bring you all the joy and success that you deserve. You are loved this day!!

"A chord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

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that was so sweet!

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