The Creepers on The Trail

(photo taken by Brittany Jones)

Josh and I went to the Virginia Creeper Trail this past weekend. It seems that the folks in Damascus, VA were into recycling before it was cool. That's right, this 17 mile bike path was converted from a train-track to a bike path in 1977. Almost everyone in our part of North Carolina has ridden on this former train-track. Let me repeat: I rode a 17 mile bike route. Don't I sound like a such an outdoors-woman? Ahem, yes, the path is all downhill.

I took my vintage (circa 1995) beach cruiser along for this ride. It actually has gold accents on the frame and wheels, which kind of makes me kind of feel like a gangsta (mom, this is like a rapper, not like an actual mob-type gangster). So, other than having a identity crisis on whether I was a joy-riding gangsta or a yuppy-outdoorswoman, I had a fabulous time.

Josh's family is the best. Seriously. Grandma and Granddaddy Jones had four boys who all built houses on the same farmland. They eventually all had children and thus the Jones Compund was officially born. From the way Josh tells the stories, his cousins are more like brothers and sisters. There is no "nuclear" famlily here. And I really like it. I love hearing about all their old childhood adventures. The coolest part about the family is that they still have so much fun together and still do activities together throughout the year, which brings us back to The Creeper Trail.

The Viriginia Creeper Trail gets two thumbs way up from me. It is now officially my favorite non-athletic outdoor activity:

Blair's Favorite Non-Athletic Outdoor Activities
1. Virginia Creeper Trail
2. Tanning
3. Talking Outside

according to Kristie we're making shirts to wear next year with flames on them

..........Josh acting like a girl (on my bike) ...........Kristie acting like a fool ....................Me acting like a diva ................


hef said...

omg you're so funny.
i love this!!

chelsea said...

this is so hilarious. i love the non-athletic outdoor activities. does drinking coffee outside on the patio at starbucks count? if so, that's definitely one of mine.
p.s. is the virginia creeper trail actually in virginia or is it nc?

lacey said...

hahaha! i love your top 3 non-athletic outdoor activities. you crack me up.

Lauren said...

you have a blog? maybe I should get a facebook page now... nevermind.

you're the funny one in the family. Don't tell Taylor.

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