on this day in history

On this day in history I WAS BORN! woooohoooo! (insert party hats, confetti and Cindi Lauper.)

I will be leaving work early today for a long weekend in the mountains with Josh :)

As if the fact that its my birthday AND its a friday isn't reason enough to celebrate, here are other things that happened on this day in history:

1593: alleged teleporation of Gil Perez. "Alleged"?
1861: first transcontinental telegraph line across USA completed...see ya later pony express!
1901: Annie Taylor is the first to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel....why exactly a barrel? Maybe a raft or parachute...but a barrel? Really?
1926: Harry Houdini's last performance.
1945: United Nations is formed...this day is later celebrated mostly as an international attempt to raise awareness of my birth.
1952: Mike Brown is born. (This is Amy's dad, she made me put this in here.)
1973: Levi Leipheimer, American cyclist, is born.
1982: Blair (the blessed second child) is born to Jerry and Connie Rollins. The world actually stopped for a minute.
1991: Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator, dies at age 70. He boldly went where every man will at some point go.
1999: I finally knew what it meant to party like it was 1999.
2008: I turned 26 and (while kicking and screaming) slipped into the second half of my 20s.

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sunday said...

happy birthday!!! so excited to see you. The world did stop for a minute. I remember, I was 4 minding my own business trying to play in my sandbox and all of the sudden everything stop and I said "what the crap". who knew years I would finally find out what happened!

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