the new additions to our family

Here are the two new additions to our family....I like to call them "Cherry Tree on the Left" and "Cherry Tree on the Right", but Josh likes to call them "The Sarah Stokes Memorial Cherry Trees."

Sarah is a Young Life leader with Josh at Shelby High School. She's a Sophomore at GWU and is studying Biology. She's been thinking about going to medical school (and hey boys---she's single!).

Last summer she stayed with us for about a week while she shadowed some of the local physicians (and my dad!) We LOVE Sarah (her picture is to the left....she's the one in the hot pink dress.)

Back to the Cherry Trees.....Sarah's sweet sweet parents sent us a gift card to Lowe's as a 'thank you' to letting her stay with us over the summer. Sarah is officially welcome to stay with us anytime. We went to Lowes over the weekend and debated and debated over what to purchase with the gift card. I wanted either something cute, something cute for the back porch, something cute for the front porch or maybe something cute for the garage area. Josh wanted either a tree, a tree, a tree or maybe a tree. Well, you can see who won that argument. And being the super savvy (or so-cheap-I-embarrass-my-husband) shopper that I am, we were able to get 2 trees, 4 containers of pansies and 1 mum all for the price of 1 tree.

As we were deciding on where to plant the trees, I suggested that we name the tree. I think Josh was sensing the loss of our goldfish, so he agreed. He said we should name them "The Sarah Stokes Memorial Cherry Trees." I laughed hard, because I knew he had to be joking. Only he wasn't. When I tried to explain to him that since Sarah is still alive, we can't actually call them "memorial" anything. I suggested maybe we call them "honorarium" or something. No dice. So there they are. On the back property line. The Sarah Stokes Memorial Cherry Trees. May she rest in peace?

So, come on over and sit a while. We can look out on the back deck and enjoy our two new additions. Maybe one day they'll hide that trailer in the distance. A girl can dream, can't she?

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I love that this blog is your new hobby....was facebook getting boring? :)

Love it!

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