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I never win anything. Ever. I have entered every stupid contest you could possibly imagine. I have even entered contests where the prizes weren't stuff I even wanted, just in some vain attempt to see if I had any luck whatsoever.

But today is my day! That's right. I actually won something! It turns out that being 26 might actually be my year.

Remember how last weekend I went to that music festival? Well, they had a "drawing" for to prizes: an ipod and 50 powerball tickets. The entry table was a little off to the side and I don't think really anyone knew it was there. There were only about 10 entries in the box when I slipped my entries in. That's right. Entries...as in plural. I think I filled out 15. Don't judge me. It said you could enter as many times as you wanted.

And it worked out of me....because I WON!!!!!!!!!! I am the proud owner of 50 powerball tickets!

I have no idea how to "play" the lottery. I looked it up on the internet and it looks kind of hard. There were like pages and pages of rules. So I called my friend Elizabeth and told her that I was coming over to her house tonight so she could help me figure out if I win or not. She went to Wake Forest so she's totally qualified to figure this out. (And just in case, her husband is a lawyer and he should know how to do this stuff too.)

I can hear people judging me now...."gambler" and maybe even "dumb". But guys what? I'm about to be a pretty stinking rich dumb gambler. That's right...the one thing I did understand on the website was my odds of wining. I have a 1 in 146,107,962 chance of wining the big jackpot, BUT a 1 in 36.6 chance of wining SOMETHING. And I have 50 tickets. Do that math. I'm about to be the proud winner of "something".

I'll post my winnings tomorrow :)

on the training front:
I met my trainer, Rick, yesterday. This was my first sentence I said to him, "Hi, I'm Blair and I'm really looking forward to working with you, but don't think I'm going to do crazy stuff like weigh myself on that 'Biggest Loser' style scale in the middle of the gym 'cause that ain't happening." Then Rick said, "I hope you are as good at working out as you are at talking." Clearly he doesn't know me AT ALL, because there's really nothing I do better than talking. (which is why I was $80 over my minutes on my cellphone plan this month.) We did a full body workout so that he could analyze my fitness level, pain threshold and embarrassment level. One thing I was NOT expecting to do at this first meet-and-greet session was to measure my body fat percentage. That was more embarrassing than if he'd just asked me to run around the gym naked. Apparently personal trainers like to shame people into working out. But whatever, as long as I loose weight and get toned I don't care. I did however make him pinky swear that he wouldn't tell anyone my weight, measurements or body fat. And yes, the pinky swear is a legally binding agreement and does in fact hold up in NC courts.

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