Adventures in the Corn Maze

(me, bryanna, tera)

I went with two of my friends Bryanna and Tera to check out the Corn Maze. For those of you not familiar with rural North Carolina traditions, let me explain: After local famers have harvested their corn for the year, they plow intricate mazes into the fields and laugh as they take money from yuppies like myself and watch us walk-around in the same circle 28 times. (These are probably the same people that made crop circles in the 90s but decided to move on to more profitable ventures.)

This particular maze was in the shape of a chicken. Don't ask me why, I didn't make the maze. We entered the maze at dusk and began to excitedly run in circles. We realized that all hope was lost when a local youth group passed us with flashlights. The actually laughed at us when we said we forgot to pack a flashlight. Bryanna, our fearless leader whipped out her cellphone to light the way. Take that, Girl Scouts! These yuppies came prepared with Blackberries and Chanel Lipgloss (everything you really need to survive harsh conditions.)

Two hours later (yes, you read that correctly) we exited the maze looking stunned, exhausted, disheveled and only slightly embarassed.

Things to remember for next year:
-take a flashlight. a big one. like serious high beam, police-force worthy flashlight.
-take a snack. you could be in the maze for a month or more and you'll need some trail mix so you don't have to eat your best friend.
-take some music. every roadtrip needs a good soundtrack.
-dress up. you always need to dress in character for these types of activities.

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chelsea said...

oh my gosh i wish i could have been there. so so funny. and you're wearing a puffy vest in the picture! yay, you!

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