jumping on the band-wagon

So here it goes. I'm starting a blog. Which, if this is anything like my middle school diary or attempts to diet, should be a fairly short-lived activity.

I'm Blair, the Other sister. My older sister Lauren is a doctor in Alabama and my younger sister Taylor is a senior in College. While my sisters are either knee-deep in a career or at the cusp of graduation, I'm the Other sister who's inbetween. But hey, don't start the pity-party just yet! I'm happy being the one inbetween---you get away with more, a LOT more. So cheers to all the "other" siblings out there; may you fully embrace all the freedom, excitment and drama that ensues.

This will be my official record of things that I love, things I can't believe and all the things that I get away with.

Here goes nothing.


amy said...

i can't wait to read what you write everday
this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Whatever Blair, as far as I'm concerned you're the only sister. This blog is looking great so far!

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