let the games begin!

Attention all girls who are reading this blog.....stop what you are doing and start your own blog. (Ok, maybe that was a bit rash...of course I didn't mean for you to actually stop reading my blog, duh.)

I guess what I meant to say was this: Girls,if you are in a relationship with a guy, be it dating or married, it is abosultely imparrative that you start your own blog. Here's why: it gives you an open forum to discuss how awesome your guy is (which they love to hear) or how maybe you wish they could step up like someone else's man (which they hate to hear.) It's the online version of the "the best boyfriend game" that my girlfriends and I used to play in college.

"The best boyfriend game" is pretty simple. In this case, it was me, Natalie, Valerie and Catherine...three of my roommates at Clemson. (Sidenote: we all called each other Nat, Val, Cat and Blair---there's actually no cool way to shorten Blair.) It all happened during our junior year at Clemson that we were all dating someone: I was dating Josh, Nat was dating Adam, Val was dating Daniel and Cat was dating Dave. (All future dating advice should come from either me or Cat because we actually married the guys we were dating at this point.) It all kind of happened randomly; one of us was discussing how awesome our boyfriend was. There we were just gabbing away about these boys....and then they heard us. The competition was born. From then on we would start most conversations (that were in front of one of the boyfriends) with "well, I have the best boyfriend because he ____(fill in the blank)___." If one of us got flowers, you could almost guarantee that the other three boyfriends would soon follow suit. I got some of the best dates and presents during that time....ahhh, sweet memories. The best part about the game was this: even when the guys figured out what's going on, they still couldn't stop themselves! Since a man's ego determines pretty much his entire course of action for the day, he would ultimately choose the path that would get him the most praise. Now, put that together with a blog for you to share all the wonderful things he does to a world-wide audience (or 12 of your family and friends) and voila: the best husband game is born! Girls, let the games begin!

So after I blogged on and on about Josh's awesomeness on Friday, is it now really any surprise how I was treated? Josh swept me away for a romantic overnight at Lake Lure. He came home from a meeting in Charlotte around 4pm and said, "Pack a bag, I'm taking you out!" Is that music to a girl's ears or what?! We jumped in the car and I had no idea where we were headed: how spontaneous and romantic! We pulled in to the Lake Lure area and Josh took me out to eat dinner on the lake and then we went to the house that he borrowed from some friends of ours (thanks Roberts family!) A note to the fellas: take a look at all those exclamation marks! This is the way to win a girl over!

At this point, I would like to give some props to Cat's husband Dave! He found a babysitter for Travis, his and Cat's son, and took Cat for an overnight at the Four Seasons! Way to go Dave!!

We had a great time up at the lake...but it gets even better...stay tuned to hear about how Josh took me to a JCrew warehouse sale and to look at the leaves changing colors on the parkway! Men, I'll give you time to take out your pen and paper to start taking notes...


Jon Black said...

I took the garbage can from the street back to it's normal resting place today.

suck. on. that.

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sunday said...

um I am pretty sure the warehouse place is in Asheville

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