dance fever!

Last night was out fourth annual Young Life Prom. We met at 6pm at the wonderful fast Japanese establishment known as 'Yamato Express.' After dinning on some of the best food in Shelby, we headed over to the club.....house in our neighborhood. The theme of this year's prom was "A Day in Paris."

(We called it "A Day in Paris" because after Amy, Laura and I finished painting the Eiffel Tower, we didn't know what else to paint. Since Laura, the artist extraordinaire, was out of the building during this crisis, I accidentally drew two clouds and Amy drew a sun. I say "accidentally" because there is no way that I'm claiming that I drew those clouds on purpose.)

(amy and laura and the masterpiece)
(please look at how ridiculous amy's dress is. also, laura's dress is from middle school!)

dinner at Yamato's Express. yes, Hef at three plates of food....that why we call her Hef.

The attire was: "formal wear as you see fit from the decade of your choice." As you can see, some people took a LOT of creative license with their interpretation of the words FORMAL wear.

hef dressed as 1800s, bryanna as western and amber as a hippie...not sure if these are decades or not.

ahhh, the 80s. they no longer haunt me. they are now a decade to be celebrated!

check here to see my album on facebook with more pictures from the evening.

happy weekend y'all!

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