be still my heart

I'd like to take this moment to introduce you to one of my old friends. Her name is J. Crew. We were very, very close before I was married. I was introduced to her by my older sister, Lauren. I'm not sure who introduced Lauren to J.Crew...all I know is that the Rollins Sisters were the better, and more fashionable, for knowing her. My mother and father financed many adventures with J. Crew during my high school and college days. There were the many pool parties, dances, formal events and church services we attended together. It seemed that a week didn't go by without me checking in on J.Crew, either in person or over the internet. But sadly, oh so sadly, we parted ways shortly after I married. It seemed that there wasn't enough room in our ministry budget for her. But who says a budget needs to come between good friends?!

Out of nowhere, into my life walks my fashion salvation, more widely known as the J.Crew Sidewalk Warehouse sale. Enter harp music, angels and that little feather from intro of Forest Gump.

I paid $106 for over $500 of merchandise. I'm not going to toot my own horn or anything, but....TOOT TOOT.
Here's a play-by-play of how the event went: Josh was pulling into a parking spot while I simultaneously unbuckled my seat belt, grabbed my purse and opened the car door. I proceeded to hit the ground running...literally, which was a good idea since the car was still moving at this point. While Josh parked the car, I ran full force to the sign-in counter where I got a price list and a very worried look from the cashier. Were they really expecting rational behavior at a sidewalk sale? I began rummaging through the boxes like....well.....uhm....like a woman shopping for a $98 jacket that now only costs $3. It was like a scene from the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement....there were tears, lots of shoving, some pretty severe elbowing and a total adrenaline rush.

I grabbed everything that was in my size and every size I could possibly diet myself into. I elbowed my way in for hats, socks, belts, jackets, shirts, jewelry, purses and a golf club cover. I plead the 5th on the last item....I'm pretty sure I thought it was a toboggan at first. I mean, I still bought it and everything....it was a steal at only $1! To the left you will see my shopping bag/trashbag. I felt like Santa...although I guess Santa has a big bag of presents for other people and I had every intention of keeping all these goods for myself...so I retract the Santa comment. I felt like someone who had stolen Santa's big red bag and planned to keep all the gifts for herself. Ahh, sweet love!

Clearly some people go a LITTLE overboard. Take example A, photo listed to the right. While the wide-brim hat is certainly fuctional (I actually bought one myself to use at the beach), the jury is still out on that tan jumpsuit. Actually...the jury just came back in...its official, there is no purpose whatsoever in where that jumpsuit is appropriate. It should be noted that while everyone else was stripping to try on their clothes, this girl tried everything on while still wearing her jeans and t-shirt on underneath.

So here are my spoils for the day. Unfortunately, I cannot go in to detail on the prices or descriptions of the items, since my sisters will be getting some of this stuff for their birthdays. So enjoy these pictures and I'll post the prices later.

****Attention all JCrew Shoppers**** I will announce the next date for the super-awesome, save your whole paycheck, eat beans and rice for a week JCrew sidewalk sale soon!


sunday said...

oh you are so funny. Thanks for sharing. Great blog. I think it is awesome

chelsea said...

oh my gosh i hate you so much i could scream. i also think that me not having money to spend might cause a hole in the universe soon as frustrated as i'm feeling right now. (that's probably not good so tell barack obama if he wants to save the world he needs to find me a good job.) i can NOT believe you got all that stuff for only $100. i am totally coming in november with you and i don't really care how i pay for it...:o)

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