adventures in turning 26

Birthdays have always been a little chaotic around our house...mostly because I'm a "hold-nothing-back-make-me-queen-for-a-day-buy-me-lots-of-stuff" kind of girl and Josh is more of a "man-I-hope-I-totally-blend-into-the-background-today" kind of a guy. Herein lies our problem.

This year I tried to take a more middle of the road approach. That's more of a "I'm-not-going to talk-about-how-awesome-my-birthday-is-but-you-still-better-make-a-big-deal-out-of-it" mindset for me. Here's how that worked out for me:

The day started out with a run...this was mostly because I knew more people than normal would ask me what I had done that day and I knew if would sound impressive to just be all cavalier like, "oh today? not much, I just went a quick couple mile run before going to work..."

Then I went into work and my boss gave me half the day off on friday, this is otherwise known as the BEST birthday gift ever. I went home to "pack"...this is also known as running around the house yelling, "its 1 o'clock and I'm not working!!!!!!!" After several laps around the house, I actually packed my suitcase (for real this time) and Josh and I jumped in the car and headed up the road to Black Mountain, NC.

This is where I spent most of this past weekend. This is my friend Laura's house in Montreat, NC. Does it pay to have rich (and generous) friends or what?!

After we unpacked, we headed down the road to Pisgah Brewing Company. Don't bother looking for it on a map or phonebook because its basically unmarked. This marked the beginning of about 293847238 calls to our friend Sunday for directions. I can't believe we drove by like 9 times without noticing this place....

At this point, its pouring down rain and I'm thinking to myself that this cannot possibly be a brewery...it looks more like a rundown motel or office building...well of course I went in...how very Nancy Drew-like of me. This is what I found inside:

It look more like the inside of a warehouse, Staples or some kind of testing facility. But then I say door #103. I opened it and to my delight I found:

my first ever speakeasy.

I thought for sure that this kind of establishment went out in the 1930s, along with flappers and saddle shoes, but to my delight it has not. Be sure to visit next time you're at the mountains.

The rest of the evening went as follows: dinner at Salsa's and dessert at Old Europe. I would have taken pictures but Josh said, "Seriously, Blair? People are going to think we've never been to a restaurant before." I gave Josh the benefit of the doubt, since he's 31, and put my photo-snapping bug to rest. Until now....now I'm thinking that I don't have a single cool picture of me from my 26th birthday because my husband was too cool to pose for one withe me. So you'll have to imagine the amazing cuban food from Salsa's and the cute coffee carafe that they brought out for us at Old Europe. Help me with a collective "booooooooo". Serious party foul Josh. Its a good think I'm 26 and have decided to be more forgiving this year. Or else you'd be in trouble.

On a more healthy note: I'm getting a personal trainer today! I'll be sure to post tomorrow about it :)

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