Fight for Amy

Ok folks....I'm halfway to my fundraising goal for the October 1st kick-cancer's-ass-in-honor-of-my-friend-amy 5k. 

You have 30 days to help me raise the remaining $75.  Come on folks---can you think of anything better to spend your money on than helping this sweet family??
You can go here and donate.  So far only my daughter and mom have donated.  This is embarrassing friends...Elliot is only 5 months old and she's giving $25!  Help a sister out!

I'd really love to have you on my team.  You should come with me and Elliot and Josh as we lace up our running shoes and get our game faces on.  Sign up for the 5k here and donate to our team here.  Seriously....what do you really have better to do on Oct 1????

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