its not me, its you

Dear Netflix,
Wow.  Its been a while since I've had to have this kind of conversation.  This may get a little awkward.
We've had a good run.  It was so fun and casual in the beginning.  But somewhere a long the line you started getting a little clingy.  I'll admit, it was hard to notice at first...just a movie suggestion here and a tv show insinuation there.  But when you started asking for more money, I knew I had to draw the line.  What started out as a casual-gift-card-trial-membership had turned into a double-my-billing-for-nothing-extra monster.
If it had just been that time that you implied I'd like "The American" I may have let our growing differences slide.  But then you wanted $10 more a month for no additional services.  I knew then that our relationship was nearing it's final scene.
Let's not make this harder than it has to be.  Its not me, its you.  No, really.  Its you.  Its your less-than-average selection of streaming movies and your attempt to slap a 3+ year customer in the face.  
I (kind of) wish you the best.  May you find happiness with some sucker wonderful customer with seriously bad average taste to enjoy your b grade movies and shows.

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